State of the Hogs: Tony Bua Did it His Way

Here’s a column from our front page: … t-his-way/

I vividly remember Tony Bua. Small but he played like a shark in attack mode. All those tackles are a testament to that. I also remember what Frank Broyles said about Holding Calls. An official can call one every play in the game if he wants. I remember the 8 called against the Hogs last year against Toledo. They literally decided that game. That Toledo loss probably had much to do with the poor showing against Texas Tech. Bad or timely penalties from the TAMU perspective have kept the Hogs from defeating Texas A&M the last two seasons. I admire Bua on what he did with the SEC officials after the Auburn game. You see what Bua got from the SEC front office. They said Bua would never play in the SEC anymore if he did such a thing again. Nutt or Broyles should have been the ones giving SEC officials hell. Football Officials are like Supreme Court Judges, they get to go until they resign or croak. There is no reason for that foolishness. Bad ones should be fired like every other job one can think of. That is just a bad crony side of college sports. Other SEC teams don’t get axed like Arkansas. The reasons are they will not stand for it. They would give that SEC front office tons of grief.