State of Hog Football

Gone are the days of Petrino, dreams of BCS bowl appearances, the joys of winning recognizable bowls (Cotton Bowl), the enjoyable double digit win seasons, and being known nationally for what “Hawg Football” is all about. Now here we are, somewhat divided as a state as to what we should do with our head coach that considers us Hog fans “mean”, with an AD that would rather be compared to with the likes of Vanderbilt than Alabama. As much as the fans want to be a “Win at all cost program”, the administration doesn’t seem to waiver at the thought of being a bottom dweller in the SEC. Razorback fans are some of the most passionate fans in the whole nation and mainly that reason being that the team that plays up on “The Hill” is considered our professional team. Shouldn’t we deserve better than a coach who continues to feed us the same line every press conference since he showed up “I seen things that have shown improvement, we are just almost there”. Well Bret, 5 years running and still “being almost there” doesn’t cut it. Truth be told, I keep waiting for the Saturday where you slip and Jeff Long has no choice but you give you the hook, because I’m tired of being “almost there” I WANT TO BE THERE. It’s been 5 years and what you promised hasn’t come true. Neither do I see it coming true. I like you as a person Bret, and yes I think you’d be a great guy to grill and have some (you know what’s together) but as our football coach…it’s about time to say goodbye.

I think the only way Bret is going to turn this around is to totally change philosophies in yr 5, and I don’t know if Arkansas fans are patient enough to wait another 4-5 yrs, before seeing results…
Obviously he needs to recruit defense, there are a couple player son that defense that can play at a high level, but overall, there is just absolutely no talent on there. And he needs to find a coordinator or ask Enos to slow the game down, ((not now)) this offense they’re running now, with what they have, is pretty much what they have to do. But in a yr or so, he needs to develop an offense that will control the clock, keep the defense fresh, get turnovers, and get pts from special teams. Yes, special teams is important, any game that you don’t get a TD return from special teams, is a tougher game to win. Any game that you give up a return past the 40 yd line, is a tougher game to win. I am willing to give this guy a second chance, but only if I see some dramatic changes in philosophy, and believe we’re heading in a positive direction. We haven’t had a respectable defense in so long, I don’t even remember the last time, I think it was when Nutt was here. Petrino couldn’t care a less about defense either…

Well the thing is about Petrino, who cares about defense when your offense is absolutely electric. When you can outscore teams week in and week out. Now, I believe Beliemas philosophy and what he TRIES to do is control the clock and keep the defense fresh. It’s always a topic of discussion of his whether they won or lost the T.O.P, but for one the offensive line just hasn’t been able to hold up to the standards that a ground and pound offense desires. Our RBs don’t get enough credit because they regularly turn negative yardage into positive plays because of dodgin tacklers in the back field. He seems to try to run this same offensive style as Bama and LSU, which is why we can’t beat a master at their own task. This is why Petrino always kept us in games and made for enjoyable football, it was spread their defensive backs out and have our receivers beat them in coverage. Then again, he probably had the best WR corp Arkansas has ever seen. I just want Hog football to be on the map again…I’m a Hog fan until I die, I just want this program to succeed so badly.

Don’t mention defense. The defense stinks! 50 points allowed. That all that needs to be said.
Coach B and the staff call plays in a way not to get beat rather than to play to win.
That pooch kick is a perfect example. Special teams is all you need to look at to see the state of the team. Of course A&M got away with holding on that Kickoff return for the TD. We were called for pass interference when the call should have been holding. And by the way that had been going on the entire game and had not been called. Nance was grabbed on a route and it wasn’t called and the announcer mentioned it. The hogs have to make their own breaks and that is the bottom line.
Like Cub fans say there’s next year.

Granted our defense is probably not as talented as the 2011 Hogs who played K State in the 2012 Cotton Bowl; but I do recall we won that game by denying yards to the QB Colin Klein on called keepers. Klein was the most prolific running QB in football that year, and probably since then. He had over 1,200 yards and 27 TDs rushing during 2011, but somehow Petrino’s defensive scheme gave up less than 20 total yards. How many times do we need to be slapped in the face by called quarterback keepers? Why do we act so contrived on defense and we refuse to take away the strength we know our opponent will rely on? Stop the happy feet play and we win.

You absolutely don’t have to put up with a HALF ASS FOOTBALL PROGRAM.

But the Student’s as well as any Faculty that want’s a Winning Football Team in the SEC, must show the Admin’s that is what you want and deserve. Form a Foot Ball Enthusiast Group, Then Start makeing Phone Call’s to the one’s that make the Policy and Changes that you Want in order to have a Winning Foot Ball Team. Make some Sign’s and organize protest’s for a Better FootBall Coach, Team, and Program. Picket in Front of the Administration’s Building. Be sure to call The Sport’s and NewsPaper Reporter’s to come and take picture’s. Keep this up until the Admin make’s changes. It won’t take that long either. One Morning the Chief Admin will wake up and Say, “The Student Body Want’s a Winning FootBall Program in the SEC, And We are Going to Give it to Them”. Really that’s all there is to it.

Remember the Old Saying ~ The Squeaky Wheel Get’s The Grease ~ it’s TRUE.

You don’t have to Live with being at the Bottom of the SEC Western Division. But You do have to show the Admin’s what you Really Want.

Go Hog’s Go

This one word sums up the State of The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Football program and that word is " SAD ".

Four words:

Distracted: This word is for one person… CBB. He got caught up in celebrity of the SEC and away from focusing on creating a winner in Fayetteville. His credibility was for winning the BIG10 three years straight which made it look like Arkansas had stolen a top tier coach and what we got was a guy who has celebrated being a media darling rather than a football coach. We need the football coach.

Fade: Not the pass route but the culture of the team. Consistently we fade in the end of ballgames and seasons. Entering the 4th against A&M we had a slim lead and I figured we’d lose because… it’s what we do now. Last year losing the last two games revealed a culture that doesn’t finish and that is fleshing itself out this year as well.

Identity: We don’t have one and we need one. We’ve heard everything… running back u, tight end u, o line u, DB u… etc etc etc. Everyone talks about Hog football being time of possession and running the ball down your throat… well… we’re not doing it against our conference opponents and often struggle with it against directional schools.

Ordinary: We are just like every other school that is a 26-70 team… we’re ordinary. Our conference opponents fans look at the schedule and see a game they count on winning or think they can win. We’ll disappoint a few of those but more often we will prove them right. We’re an ordinary Power 5 college football team when we want a program that is uncommonly good and even special in Fayetteville.

Good luck

Bret and Jeff appear to have enough support that I expect Razorback football will continue to feed at the bottom of the SEC for the next 3 to 5 years. After that we might hire an outstanding football coach, but not if Jeff Long is still the AD.