Spring Game

What time is the Spring game on Saturday? Is it being televised and if so by whom?

1 p.m., SEC Network.

Just go to the game. I’ll be there.

I’m looking forward to going to the game. I honestly don’t expect to see much, but I am curious to see how central Arkansas represents. The weather today is suppose to be pretty bad, but should be fine tomorrow. If central Arkansas doesn’t show up, then I don’t want to hear or read about how they are getting the shaft when it comes to games.

Trip is too long from Augusta!!! I will try to watch it on the tube. Some GA fans told me today they were looking forward to watching it.

The best QB we have is getting the least amount of reps and hype. Everyone in Arkansas wants to see Ty Storey and he was respectable at best. Daulton Hyatt gives them a whole new look that the other two give. He can pull it out and run and make things happen! The other two are clumsy and don’t read the option well at all. If you look at his H.S. video he is used to this offense much more than the other two. The first two eliminate the QB run possibilities altogether. Even the announcers on the SEC network mentioned the same aspect. Hyatt should be the starter. Even with his mistake of holding the ball too long on one pass play (instead of throwing it away), he still marched the team down the field with no problem and even though they call him dead on the touch they scored easily.

If Daulton Hyatt was the best quarterback on campus, then he would be running first team.

He is not, so he is not.

Maybe he will be, but this staff isn’t beholden to anyone and will start the best one that can help them win.

Hyatt had a nice run against the third team yesterday. He did not play against the one or two defenses so it is hard for anyone to say he had a great effort.

Good post Dudley! Your point is well taken and I know that Hyatt didn’t play against the top defenses. The coaching staff won’t be making any decisions based upon my opinion and that’s good. I still think that he fits our offense best!

Just curious - what do you think it is about him that makes him fit the offense better?

I watched his H.S. video and they did alot of the same things that Morris offense does. He handles the option better because he’s used it much more. In addition, I feel that he is a better athlete than the other two. He was able to get the team lined up and run plays much quicker than the other two and he didn’t even have the best players on the team to work with.

Remember, these are just my opinions and cannot be compared to the knowledge of our present coaches (which is vastly better than mine and they are with the players every day and have seen much more than I have).

I am really excited about our new coach and his staff and know that they will put the right people in the right places for the success of the team.

Curious about one of your statements above, when you said “this staff is not beholden to anyone” did you feel a need to make that point because a past staff was beholden or could I possibly be reading more into this than what’s there ? WPS

Based purely upon what I observed yesterday in the Spring “Exhibition”, Kelley appears to be the best overall passer - with the strongest and most accurate arm AT THIS TIME. Hyattt evinced the best scrambling ability, elusiveness, speed and alternative play improvisation ability. Storey obviously has some ability, but cannot be realistically deemed to be in the relative number one position in EITHER the passing OR the running potential factors AT THIS TIME. - - - - But that’s just my personal take on it. Feel free to disagree.

Coach Chad Morris, author of the “Hammer Down” offense is not looking for or going to be content with a game manager type at QB.
He needs a QB that can generate points and at a fast pace and two on campus that have actually played meaningful minutes at all in the past couple of seaons aren’t going to be able to deliver that type of QB performance.
Therefore, it is my belief that Hyatt, Anune, Noland and even Jones will be given greater opportunity in the fall to try and win the Coach and team over and become the starting QB early during the season, but perhaps not by the start of the season.
Neither of the current QB’s listed atop the depth chart is the type of QB that will or can be what Coach Morris’ offense needs to run at “Hammer Down” pace. One or possibly both of those guys will transfer most likely once they understand that they aren’t a fit for the system and aren’t part of the future.

Go Hogs!

After watching the game for a second time on ESPNU last night, I think Chad Morris (like any new coach) has the daunting task of altering his system to fit the talents of the personnel on campus. Having said that, we don’t have a RPO quarterback that has the combination of size, speed and arm strength to really take Morris’ system and “run with it” in the SEC West. Kelley is too slow but has the size and strength. Hyatt seems to have some speed and can throw the ball reasonably well but only weighs 192 pounds on a 6’4" frame. Storey is a good kid with some good (but not great) aptitudes for the position. But he simply does not fit in the category of difference maker - and without a difference maker in the QB position, we have no right to expect anything higher than mediocrity for the time being. Maybe Connor Noland is the answer but he is a freshman who is about to take on the greatest learning curve a quarterback will experience in college football - the SEC.

I am going to be interested in how Morris and staff deal with the psychological dysfunction that comes with a losing season. It seemed that under Jeff Long, Bret Bielema was allowed to operate the program where stability and complacency were the cultural norms. As long as kids stayed out of trouble, went to class and progressed as student athletes, then winning and losing games was, at best, going to take care of itself and at worst, somewhat acceptable. Let’s face it, our football teams were mentally and emotionally weak under Bielema. My question is can this coaching staff change that mindset and push the existing roster so that we can compete (if not win) against the likes of Alabama, Auburn and Georgia sooner than later? As a fan, I can deal with losing for now so long as I perceive that the team is as good as it can be. I don’t expect miracles. I am patient. But I don’t think it is asking too much to put a team out there that doesn’t blow 24 point leads in the second half or can get a 3 and out every once in a while.