Spring "Game" Format

I’ll be very interested to see what format new head coach Chad Morris employs for the Spring “Game”. I did not AT ALL care for Bret Bielema’s non game, situational deployment of set plays with an attending bizarre emphasis on kicking game points accumulation.

I’m just one 72-year-old life-long Razorbacks fan, - - but I TRULY don’t understand why a Spring football “game” should not follow an actual “GAME” format.

Coach Morris & Co. are certainly under no obligation or constraint to honor my personal wish in this regard; - - but, - am I the only one who feels this way about the Spring “Game” format? - - - - - - Does it matter to anyone else? I’m merely curious.

I believe it is strictly an attempt to avoid serious injuries with the 25/85 rule since coaches no longer have the luxury of deep rosters.

I can remember when there were two spring games, one in LR and one in Fayetteville. They were full speed games but I do think most schools now tone it way down for fear of losing a starter or expected good back up to injury. I know the last Georgia Spring Game I attended several years ago was basically a walk through,

I can certainly understand cautionary steps to protect the health and well-being of the players. I suppose that I’m just a crotchety old fart from “the old school” in pining for a thrilling, authentic “game experience” rather than a "tightly-controlled, walk-through, contrived demonstration.

The “Spring Game” is no longer a “game”. It is merely a choreographed demonstration. I understand - and appreciate - the reasoning behind the meta-morphed event; - - - - - - - - - but I still don’t like it, - - - and cannot bring myself to get excited about it, because it provides no real litmus test highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the various offensive and defensive personnel. It is what it is.


I agree it has become a farce, not as bad to me as the so called Pro Bowl game but it is not really a game and has not been for a good while. So frankly I pay it no attention,

How many people complained about the coaches last year when Rawleigh Williams III went down in the “spring game.” Can you imagine the outcry if two or three key players had season-ending injuries in the spring game? I wish it were more competitive but even if it were, it’d be hard to know how good or bad the team really is.

Perhaps it may be time to discontinue the farce of an annual “Spring Game” event. If The Powers That Be deem it necessary to zealously guard the health and well-being of the players to the fullest extent by declining to stage a full-tilt scrimmage, then at least cease billing it as a “game”. Designate it as a “Picture & PR Get-Acquainted Event”, and let it go at that, - - instead of going through the mockery of choreographed exercises and carefully selected plays and schemes.

My nose is not out of joint over this issue. I simply feel that if it’s not a bona fide game, - - then it shouldn’t be billed as a “game”.

It’s not a “game”.