Sorry, I cannot feel sorry for Philon

Ex Hog dropped by Arizona for wielding a gun and getting arrested in May.

He had just gotten a ten million dollar payment, My Lord, how stupid can you be?

I believe that the answer to your question is as obvious as a baboon’s rosy red rectum. - - - - - Pretty stupid.

Philon - - and others of his ilk - - are solely to blame for their great misfortunes. They somehow fail to comprehend the concept that the world does not revolve around them, - and that they are not immune from - - nor are they unaccountable for - - the governing laws that are imposed upon our society as a whole. They have inexplicably derived the mindset that they are specially privileged, and are exempt from the constraints placed upon the rest of society. I have no sympathy for such societal rogues. - - - - - None whatsoever.

At times I just think I am getting old, but often I do think humanity is its own worst enemy.

A quote from someone neither wise nor qualified to give advice (me), “Humans are bad people.”


If the scientists are correct, Humans will not be around a lot longer.

One of the biggest bonehead things you could ever do. Amazing he would have such a lapse in judgement like that.