Soooo....if Venables is a pipe dream.

Who are realistic candidates?

John Chavis isn’t expacted to be retained at A&M and is highly regarded. Morris has coached against him.

Chad Glasgow current TCU DC is highly regarded and I love the defense he and Patterson run. Morris has coached against him.

Who else do you all see as possibilities?

I really like Patterson’s 4-2-5 defense as well. How good of a recruiter is Glasgow?

I honestly don’t know anything about him as a recruiter but would guess he could recruit Texas on reputation alone.

Geoff Collins former Florida DC, one would guess he could recruit Florida.

We will probably have to take what Saban don’t want. I’ve heard Chavis and Steele mentioned for Bama to replace Pruitt.

I could see Chavis to Bama but Steele would be crazy. Auburn fans would likely try to put a hit out on Saban.

Bama’s Co-DC will probably get the DC at Bama.

Morris said that the base defense would be an off front, but that we would be multiple. So I would imagine that the next coach is someone who has a history of using a 3-4 defense.

I know he said multiple on defense, but we might need to keep a base \of the 3-4 to try to keep from having to adjust to a third defensive set in three years.

Agreed it seems he wants to run what Venables runs which is base 3/4 but they will walk up a OLB to the line and use him as an edge rusher from that position. At least that is what it seems like they are doing, like Morris said they like to jump in and out of even and odd fronts to disguise what they are doing.

Ii thought that was what CBB said they were going to do last year and I think they did some, but don’t know how much, if they did.

I thought that also but from what I saw it was mostly base 3/4 with a bend but don’t break keep everything in front of you philosophy.

Venables and Van Malone (DC at SMU) run a attacking defense using both even and odd fronts which honestly I prefer. If we are gonna get beat I want it to be because we were taking the fight to the opposition not because we were waiting to see what they were gonna do and still get beat.

Agreed. And we ought to have an experienced secondary to take more chances up front.

I wholeheartedly agree. I’d rather lose and take shots on the QB vs letting the QB sit back 8 seconds and find a scrambling WR.

I’m willing to bet if you To the stats from every time we blitzed/rushed 5 vs rushing 3 and sitting and waiting that the completion percentage, the yards allowed, and QB hits were well above proportion. I’d bet it was 4/1 on that. However that bend-don’t-break style got us beat more than it helped.

I wouldn’t expect a miraculous 1 season turnaround with a new coaching staff, current roster makeup and changing schemes.

1st thing Coach Morris will need to do on the offensive side of things is identify a QB for next year, I for one don’t believe a 6’7 270lb QB is what this coach will take the field with and hasn’t at Tulsa, Clemson or SMU.
Evaluate all of the O-Linemen and find the best, strongest and most athletic 7-9 guys regardless if they played or started last year and develop them physically, mentally and schematically.

Let’s wait to see whom is hired as DC and then we can know more about scheme.
However, we do know about our current personnel. Pulley comes back at one corner, Agim at DE, Scoota Harris at LB and Ramerez at Safety are 4 that could play for any team we just need to identify the best players to play with them and not be soft ever again. ATTACK!

We need a special teams coach so that we can get better, more consistent results.

We have a couple of good RB’s, wideouts and TE’s and hopefully they can finally open things up .

I don’t expect much better than .500 next year and bowl eligibility, by year 3 or 4 we should expect no worse than top tier bowl games and by year 5-6 we should be going to Atlanta for the SEC Championship and a possible Playoff spot.

Go Hogs!

Hasn’t the A&M defense been only mediocre with Chavis? He did well at LSU but not so much with the Aggies and he has been there several years now.

From Morris’s reply today to Pat Bradley, you would think he has his guy but must wait to announce. If there is no announcement this coming week, then it must be someone who’s team is still playing or he just can’t find anyone that he wants to take the job.

I’m still convinced our DC will be Venables. The latest report about Grinch is speculation because he probably applied for the job. Morris would have had a DC already announced even if he was coaching in a bowl game. But Venables is coaching in the playoffs and NO coach would want to leave a program if a NC wasn’t possible.

My “source” at SMU told me Venables was going with Morris to A&M if they had hired him and a second “source” who is a H.S. coach in the Dallas area heard that Venables was in fact still going to be Morris’s DC at Ark. Every week that goes by I like our chances. This would be a dream come true if it does happen and just like the lottery, until the numbers are drawn you feel you can be the winner!

I sure hope you to be right, Smash.