You’re just afraid of competition…

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There’s a reason why the Baylor Bears only had one Scholarship QB on the current roster, but perhaps they don’t have access to ESPN or the Internet in Earle Arkansas, wake up call the Baylor Bears football program is in shambles after the Art Briles era and debacle, which by all accounts makes the Petrino debacle look pretty good.
I don’t know why any young person would choose to go and get beat on for the next 4 years because that’s exactly whats going to happen with the prospect of playing for 4 years and probably not winning 10 games in entire time.
I understand the kid didn’t get the love early on from the previous staff, but why in the world choose Baylor, you have absolutely zero prospect of ever playing a meaningful game during your college career.
Maybe, he doesn’t have the self confidence or want to have to compete with others for playing time?
Whatever, good luck to him. If he doesn’t want to be a Razorback then we aren’t going to waste anymore time talking about him.

I would think that he had been convinced that Baylor was the place to go. The last two weeks he & his Da likely could not shake enough from Coach Morris to make him feel with assurances he would play.

I am certain that Baylor is selling he will be the next RG3. He will in fact be a damn good start for Baylor to get back. During the meantime he will bee able to put up some gawdy stats in Big 12. I would love to have had him but I think he makes our shakeout easier. Kelly, Storey, will likely be starter with Hyatt & Noland pushing. I assume JSJ if he signs will redshirt. If season starts out well and no injuries look for Noland to Redshirt too.

During meantime, I wish our homeboy all the success with his decision.