Something's wrong

Glad we won tonight. But something is wrong with Barford and Macon. Are they just in a slump? If they are, it has lasted the last four games now. The team was stagnant for extended periods of time which allowed Mizz to take the lead. Also, why did the team stop going to the interior during the Tigers run? Some have suggested benching some of the Seniors to get their attention. Perhaps sitting Barford, Macon, and Beard is worthy of consideration.

Nice to see them break the losing streak. Sucks to see them give up an 18 point lead at home. Good thing the game winning 3 by Missouri rattled out. We still have a lot of work to do.

Yes, they got a must win today, but far to many empty offensive possessions in the 2nd half. They have to do a better job of exploiting mismatches when they have them.
Perfect example was the last possession when Macon settled for a 17 foot jumper when Gafford was being guarded by a guard.
Having said that, starting Hall seemed to be a good move as we got off to a great start only to let that 18 point lead slip away.
They did show heart down the stretch, which was not on display at all against LSU.
CJ’s shot is still not falling with any consistency and Bailey needs to drive the ball more and elevate instead of taking 15-17 ft jumpers which he isn’t hitting with any regularity.
Free throw shooting continues to be a problem.

All in all a very ugly win, but a win nonetheless at this point we’ll take it to stop the bleeding.

Go Hogs!

Agree with all said!!!

From a scoring stand point, Barford seems to be doing ok, but the last 3 games, Macon has come out flat. I’d say it’s more a slump for Macon, for Barford, my only big complaint is the need for him to kick the ball out sometimes instead of trying to bulldoze his way into the lane. He drew 2 charges doing that tonight.

On why they didn’t go inside during Mizzou’s run, it depended on who was in. When Thompson was in, they were soft on their inside defense, mostly because Thompson plays outside the paint a lot. Luckily, Thompson did take advantage of that a few times. With Gafford, they sold out to stop him. Everytime there was pick and roll, they’d have at least 2 defenders bump Gafford and stop his advance to the basket, daring our guards to do something.

My biggest concern is still the bench. Our bench, including Macon not starting, only scored 11 points. Hall played well. Thompson did some nice things. Cook played very good defense. We have got to find a way to get Jones going. We need him in a big way, especially on the road.

Add on, FT’s are going to lose us a couple of games if we don’t nip that problem in the bud. We have got to be more consistent at the line, especially those we expect to close out games.

I don’t envy Coach Anderson at all. He is still searching for the most effective starting line-up which was good to change it up with Hall starting tonight adding much stronger defense with one of senior guards off the bench which should be a good place getting deeper into SEC play. It just might be the case that CJ may need to start in order to be effective and gain more offensive skiils IMO. I don’t think he is a bench role-player. He looks to be the type of player who needs (starter’s) minutes in order to gain back his confidence and w/o his expected contributions on offense the Hogs WILL struggle for many of their games this season scoring-wise. We need to continue develop a dependable 3rd scorer to replace output of Dusty Hannahs otherwise our defense must continually get consistently stronger and hold opponents to under 60-62 points per game home and away in very tough SEC. Who’s the stronger defender of Cook, Bailey, and Thomas to match with CJ if he does indeed start would be my scenario because I just don’t think he is better off the bench. He needs to see a few go down and the Hogs will be back in business. Go Hogs!

Much needed win and over a good team, didn’t like losing the lead but showed character by preserving at the end. WPS

Anytime a favored team loses “something is wrong”; as in, - - - the wrong team wins - - and the wrong team loses.

Unfortunately, - - that’s a fact of life these days for an Arkansas Razorbacks fan.


If you watched this team play until late December and watch this team play now, you have agree that something has changed. Maybe mental, maybe not but something has changed. Macon looks like he’s disinterested and here’s a take on that. Recall that this is Macon’s year to impress NBA scouts and he talked alot about that early on. When this team was on a roll - as was Macon - he talked about being seen as a multi-faceted player. As other teams focused on stopping him, he appears to far less active on the offense end and absent on the defensive end. Did he ‘give up’ when he realized that his break out opportunity was slipping away? It just seems that once the ‘sell job’ that he was ready for the NBA wore off, Macon seems to have lost his mojo. As it stands now, I’m not seeing him on any of the draft boards and he’s probably seeing that too. He just seems … like he’s lost his fire.

Missouri got back in this game by locking down on defense. Again the hogs struggled because they made it a half court game and we don’t seem to have any offensive flow. A lot of standing around watching the guy with the ball. Need constant movement from someone. Looks like BJ is trying to force his offense. I think if he played for longer periods his game would come to him. It looks like he’s pushing it to make something happen for fear he won’t be in for long.

Missouri got back in the game by the Hogs turning the ball over and poor shots! This team lacks the killer instinct that other good teams have! They settle for poor shots at times and forget to play defense.
They fail to make free throw at an alarming rate. Late game situations aginst Mississippi State the defense gave up 2 3’s that gave up the lead! This Hog team hasn’t figured out how to win yet!

I agree with the highlighted section. I think Bret and the football team rubbed off on Mike and the basketball team. We play not to lose, we don’t play to win.