Some things to know before the first football game

… that are not about football!

Good news! They have installed lights along the entire sidewalk from MLK (6th Street) to the stadium. There should be no need for those blinding temporary lights that have been brought in for games in the past.

There is a revised traffic flow pattern for this year. Best Route to the Game?

As someone who parks in lot 56, I’m glad to see that they are allowing more than two exits from that lot post-game.

If you know of anything that needs to be noted, please add to this thread.


That hasn’t changed. According to Jeff Long, Coke was not interested in continuing to provide soft drinks at UA sporting events. Does that mean they didn’t make the best bid or didn’t bid at all? I don’t know, but it’s still Pepsi.

Basically the new format will kill the board…

So you can no longer post based on a specific story? Looks like a lot stuff, hope I don’t push the wrong button and bring the site down. :mrgreen:

Basically the new format will kill the board…
[/quote] I agree whole Hog this is a mess for me, I’m lost on how this is going to work. WPS

I really enjoyed the way the discussion was before and this new system feels very disconnected. I’m not sure I’ll be much of a participant. So, let me just say that I have enjoyed you guys and gals and it was a fun summer of speculation. Go Hogs!

Have to agree on the Discussions - violated the first rule of almost everything: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is a 1990’s web format. I can’t see any way to up vote or down vote. The reply threads don’t stay together. Took about fifteen+ years backward for no apparent reason. In most businesses, the guy that gets bought out changes to use what the winner was already using (and that is often part of why the winner won).