Some improvement, long way to go. A&M sucks, Auburn is a real SEC team, and they will win by 40 next week

Arkansas needs to run the ball much better if they’re ever going to compete in the SEC again. A&M basically won that game today because they ran the ball way better. Even though that #16 kid did some stupid things, he’s easily the most talented receiver Arkansas has had in a very long time. Boyd has potential but he’s never going to be a guy team’s have to focus on for 4 QRTR’s, he’s not an angry runner, avg speed, I doubt he will ever have a huge winning game against a quality team. Arkansas Defense is way too slow, need way-way more athletes. Auburn will win 78-3 next week. How soft is that 1st QB for Arkansas? Dude needs a cart for an arm injury into the locker to get it x-ray’d, and how do you throw it into triple coverage like that, and get it picked? LOL… Morris has to develop screen passes and draws, all Arkansas had to do to get that 1st, to keep the drive alive, was to throw a screen.

who does Auburn play next week?

Yeah, my bad, I never look at the schedules, I know Auburn is on the horizon though, and they’re for real. I should say, when ever Arkansas plays them, which is shortly I believe. Mizzou is going to put up 50 also on Arkansas. Unless Arkansas gets more athletes at RB and on Defense, it might be a few more yrs before they win an SEC game again.

A&M basically won that game today because they ran the ball way better?

Check the stats:
A&M 33 for 89 Net, 1 TD, 18 Long, 2.7 avg
Ark 26 for 98 Net, 1 TD, 24 long, 3.8 avg

Yeah, but they ran the ball when it was important in the 2nd half, which balanced their offense, and gave them the lead.

What team is your’s. Don’t even know the name of our maybe the top recruit last year. Every post is negative, You definitely are not a Razorback fan.