Solid game, but far from perfect..We can play better..

Thompson is one heckuva a passer, and his defense in the post is the best we got. I think we played okay on defense, but if we give Auburn open 3’s like that on Saturday, we lose. Auburn can shoot the 3 as good as any college team in the nation. They’re outstanding from 3 pt range, and ALL of their guys can knock it down.

I was satisfied overall, but we need to do a better job of going at their big men earlier in games, get them in foul trouble, and on the bench. We made that game harder than it had to be. If we had gotten their big guy in foul trouble early, we win that one by 15 or more.

Our 3 pt shooting and FT shooting wasn’t great tonight, wasn’t horrible, but if we shoot like that Saturday, we lose…

Crowd did a fantastic job, but we can still do better, every seat filled, like the old days…

Agreed. Lots of open threes missed by us tonight that we’ll have to hit if we’re going to win Saturday. Thompson isn’t a great shooter, but he does everything else so well, especially passing. Thomas played well, too. Moses was trying way too hard to get shots up over their big men. 3-14 is an ugly stat line for him. I smiled whenever I saw Thompson come in.

Jeff E. great post and yes good game. We had an off night on 3 ball and still won! That bunch is a lot better than their record.
They are 2 guards short and 1 year from being really good.

You got that right, they should return everyone, that Tyler Davis kid reminds me of Blake Griffith in college. Give him another yr, he’s not quite NBA ready yet, but after another yr, he will be dominant.
A&M should be atop 4 SEC team next yr for sure…

Arkansas will lose Hannah’s, Kingsley, and Watkins. But this Freshman they got coming in (Gafford) to play Center is the real deal he has the ability to first real inside presence we’ve had since Corliss. and Thompson, Cook, and Thomas will get better after another off season. I hate to lose Hannah’s, but Macon can knock down the 3 just as good, and his defense is slightly better. Arkansas should be pretty good next yr, another off season of mastering their game, and they will have Sweet 16 type talent…

Jeff, I thought Razorback free throw shooting was very good. GHG!

Our 2 misses from the free throw line one Miss by Dusty Hannah’s and one by Daryl Macon.
The Auburn game is a different match up all together. We won’t have to be as concerned about the inside game so MA will have a total different game plan. I hope we don’t let Auburn shoot wide open 3’s all game long.
It seemed to me like the hogs were in control the whole game. If we would have shot better last night it would not have been close at all. We virtually took A&M’s advantage inside and beat them at their own game. We were only -1 on the boards.
What a relief. Our big guys played a great game. We only had 8 turnovers. 16 assists. 5 players in double figures and assists were spread out too. Trey has 6 or 8 assists.
I did notice Cook made some good plays and as well some less colorful. But he hustled and helped. We need Cook to gain his confidence. Dustin Thomas played another good one he Made a couple of shots that surprise me. Mosses had his plate running over last night and he battled
Great job for him. The guards played well.
We have a good team with these Hogs

They knocked down 14 3’s on the road Tuesday night, obviously we will have to play really good three pt defense, and knock down our fair share also, to have a chance. Thompson, Thomas, and Kingsley will have to play well in the front court against Purifoy. This is a team when they get rolling can run a team out of the gym quickly…

i agree Auburn is dangerous because of their ability to score. Auburn does knock down many three’s, but they also shoot them at a rate only behind Vandy in the league. meanwhile the hogs shoot the 2nd fewest amount of treys but hit the 2nd highest %. the hogs would hit 12-15 treys a game if we hoisted as many as Auburn. one of the hogs best traits is their efficiency on offense. i know Auburn could get hot, but we’re just as apt to get hot with Hannahs and Macon. our depth should take over again, as it usually does. we need to attack them and get to FT line where we are adept.

The free throw line may be the difference in the game. You are right about getting them in foul trouble! Purifoy is foul prone and so is the big man in the middle. If we can stop up the driving lanes and force them to be one dimensional the 3’s would be it. I like our chances in the 3’ PT % game. But to get them in foul trouble we will have to drive some.
Bruce Pearl is already motivating on the Auburn page saying it’s a big game trying to stir up thier fan base’. We need to Jump on them quick and put them away. The turnover game ill also be key.

Heron scares me most, his skill set is a bit different, however its much like Barford’s game. i bit like a bull in a China shop sometimes, but when he puts his head down, most of the time good things happen. neither is a prolific shooter but if they get hot they can be white hot. their big guy, i believe his name is Wiley, is a big time shot blocker like Kingsley but like Kingsley is prone to pick up fouls. Thompson will be a tough matchup for them with his passing acumen. your right on, we need to come to play early, because if we give Auburn a double digit lead like others in the past, an avalanche might hit us with the way they score. this is one of those games we simply need to act like the more mature team.