So who's lying Julie or Bret?

Bret says he was canned walking off the field. Julie says he was canned in his office. Julie’s telling the truth, someone probably told Bret that Julie wanted to meet with him, and he knew what it was about, unless he’s an idiot… It doesn’t make any sense that she would say you’re fired on the way into the tunnel, that would cause too much drama… Another reason I never liked Bret, he’s a liar…

I agree that it was done in a more appropriate setting, but it’s done and now I only hope that the powers that be have a clear idea of who the interested candidates are and get him in ASAP so that he can start building a staff and perhaps steal a few undecided recruits that can fill positions of need on the roster, which are plenty.
Whomever it is had better make his first call to G. Bohanon and let him know that he wants him to be a Razorback.

As for Brett, I don’t wish him anything but good things in his future career endeavors and appreciate him trying to rebuild the program under difficult times, but ultimately he just couldn’t Recruit, Coach or put together a good enough staff to have success in the SEC at Arkansas.

I watched his press conference, he said she spoke to him in his temporary office.

Okay so why is this dude from ESPN saying this then? … 7335908352 … 1487862784

I don’t make things up. So why would he say that, unless he got it from somewhere?

And then this … 0549967872

So either (a) this reporter hates Arkansas and is trashing us unfairly, or (B) someone gave him false information, or © Bret told a lie about it… it’s either A. B…or C

Watch Brett’s post game press conference and it will clear things up as to his being fired in his temporary office.
Reporters, make mistakes wether it’s sports or CNN!

Okay, so why is WAPO and 20 or so other sites reporting this then??? … 9a3847b169

These legitimate sources ESPN, WAPO, CBS Sports, etc etc etc… are not making things up… That’s what he said, that’s what the media ran with of course, if it bleeds it leads, and it’s not true apparently…

At the beginning of his presser, CBB said that he was fired as he came off the field. He then corrected it and cleared up the confusion. Some reporters obviously reported his first words and never cleared up the confusion.

Exactly, so two things happened, Bret contradicted himself in his own press conference, at first saying he found out as he was coming off the field, and then saying it wasn’t brutal, it happened right back here. And the media thinking we can make these dumb backwoods hayseeds in Arkansas look bad, ran with the headline, and not the entire story, when in fact, Bret himself said the way it was handled was preferable, than if he had started recruiting this weekend. But again, he knew this was coming, and I suspect, and this is my opinion, he knew long ago this would be his last game.

Well of course it was done in the office since there was a formal letter to be delivered and signed. I think you have it right - a message to go meet with Julie gets translated into ‘here it comes’. I don’t call it a lie though … just interpretation … and we can let it go at that. I like Bret - he’s a good man, with a good heart. Where some have tried to paint him as something different, they just have too much hate in their heart. Let the man and his wonderful family leave in peace. He’ll have hog money in the bank, will find work someplace else, and if juju is real, he’ll come back to run over the Hogs from another program soon.

It really is immaterial, everyone knew he was going to be fired it was just a matter of now or later. He knew he was gone I am sure. ESPN has never pretended to be a news outlet.

Ok ok, none of this means Brett lied or is a liar as you stated earlier. Actually nobody lied but some ran with 1st words out of his mouth, convienantly leaving out some of the last words out of his mouth.
That’s media hyperbole 101, just report the juicy stuff leaving out important details. Or it’s usually a race to get it out 1st which in turn usually means not thoroughly investigated beforehand.

One thing for sure we don’t have that issue around here with the sports writers we have.

So the logic runs, if I repeat a lie enough, I must not be a liar. Funny how that works these days.

Under those circumstances you wouldn’t be a liar…you would be an idiot.

Jim, no disrespect intended, but the media didn’t run with the “first words out of his mouth.” Before his (Bret) Presser last night, Bo Mattingly had tweeted, Bret was fired while walking off the field, then he tweeted he was in his office, then he tweeted it was done to so he could say goodbye to his players. All of this was prior to Either press conference.

Bret did attempt to clear it up, but many ran with his first words as affirming the pre press conference tweet

Good grief! The man said in his press conference that she met with him in an office. What more do you want? Sports media is no different than most of the mainstream media. They report based on the rumors an inuendo along with what “they” want to believe or what they feel will “stir the pot.”

Bo tweeted all that 1st before any presser by Peoples or Bret? Where did Bo get his info or lack of so quick ?

Who cares? Bielema is gone, we all knew it was coming. I just hope we make a good hire for once .

Yes, that was tweeted before Bret’s presser. Bo said sources told him. That’s why I was asking the Insiders last night about the press conferences. There were tweets by multiple “reporters” including Bo (which I shared my opinion of him last night), that were tweeting what Peoples was saying prior to the press conference starting. Matt said, I may have watched a delayed (by a few minutes) presser, but those tweets were coming out before the press conferences.

I don’t get into posting a lot but I love reading everyone’s comments, I was a fan of CBB’s hiring and a staunch supporter, that’s what true Razorbackers do. I too was ready for the program to move forward with a new coach and that has now started to happen. Personally I don’t care what he said she said and you shouldn’t either. I hope CBB future success wherever that is…Let it go and let’s get behind who is left to pick up the pieces and support OUR RAZORBACK FOOTBALL PROGRAM.

This will be an exciting time…WPS

Fox News makes all kinds of mistakes. Get used to it!