So who should the next coach be?

Obviously you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see this guy is never going to be successful. I would try and hire Jeff Fisher, and bring in Dan Hampton to coach the Defensive Line. Fisher and Hampton played together on the best team in the history of the NFL, the 85 Bears…

Too hard to tell who will be available 3 or 4 years down the road, if required.

3-4 yrs? LOL… I’m not expecting them to win yet, but they should be showing some signs of improvement… Such as sound blocking, solid tackling, and should not be getting wiped off the planet. Malzahn held the score down also, he was showing charity in that game. I don’t want to fire Morris, he’s a decent recruiter IMHO, but they’ve got to show improvement, and they’ve got to be competitive in games.

Derek Mason just got an SEC win against a far superior team athletically… I’m not sure he would want to move downward in his career though. Although Arkansas has far superior facilities, Vanderbilt is on a higher level than Arkansas l.

Derek Mason was probably coaching for his job last night. May have saved it, maybe not. We don’t need to be taking Vandy rejects if we ever expect to win again…

You seem to be under the impression Vandy is beneath Arkansas in some way. Arkansas would be lucky to get a real coach like that, at this stage. Recruits are dropping off like flies, Derek would improve recruiting at least in the two athletic parts of Arkansas, Little Rock and Pine Bluff.