So what’s happening over on the premium board?

Would be nice to read the premium content I paid for.

“Premium happenings”?

I"m not making light of your justifiable vexation. I truly hope that your dilemma is resolved soon.

I surmise that I’m getting my money’s worth here on Hawg Lounge.

I asked IT to check into your situation last night and there was a second email on your account that caused a problem. That should be resolved. Please email if you continue to experience an interruption.

Matt it’s fixed.

Thank you.

What about you Navy what’s going on? They keep popping up wanting me to pay TODAY!! SOME MAN RUDE AS HECK!!

E-Mail that link and they should fix it.

I’m having the same problem. Click on topic and it goes blurry, telling me to subscribe.

If you are getting that, there is an issue with your account that customer service will need to look into. Please email