So much for the Razorbacks Top 25 Basketball ranking

They might not get back in the top 25 for ten yrs, after that spanking today… :rofl:

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Boy, publicly throwing players under the bus by name is not a good look. That should be done in a private team setting or to them individually. Saying one turnover at a crucial time kept them from making it all the way back by naming the player in a press conference is not very smart. He is a very good coach but needs to work on how to handle a post game presser after a loss.

If the shoe fits west it! Poor individual defense! That’s a good way to explain what happened.

I thought he threw players under the bus too. I was surprised.

A lot of folks have criticized P Hardaway for doing the same and possibly completely losing his team this year

I think Arkansas’ coaches and players both were extremely disappointed with that performance the other day, as they should have been. I suppose you could have someone that would lie to you as a player, lie to the media, etc. etc… Mussleman isn’t that guy, he was pissed off, because he has pride in himself as a coach…

If you’re a competitor you hate to lose, especially if you’re use to winning… I’m sure the players hate to lose also, and understand his embarrassment…

That’s the problem. It’s too much about “him.” He’s embarrassed. It is like a parent of a little league baseball player who isn’t very good. They are embarrassed and the child is humiliated by the parent. If he would have played some real competition early perhaps the team would have been prepared for Oklahoma and Hofstra.

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