So BB's buyout is

roughly a third of what we all thought. Does that change anything or just up the pressure?

As things have changed over the last couple of days, I’ve changed my mind about Jeff and BB’s options.

Still, I don’t know anymore the any regular fan, but my thought of BB continuing as our coach and possibly getting an extension next year has changed. Hell I don’t even have a clue but I wonder whether he will be allowed to finish out this year.

And, there are rumors that Long will go before BB does.

Just crazy, crazy stuff being tossed around now. Even acknowledging that I do think there is going to be some changes. Just my opinions, folks.

CBB should not be bought out at the end of the season:
Reason 1: hurts the recruiting cycling.
Reason 2: possibly losing some of the best Razorbacks to transferring elsewhere.
Reason 3: CBB needs to evaluate all coaches…Oline coach Anderson for sure.

Think back to when Coach Sam Pittman recruited and developed the Hogs Oline.
Anderson lacks the ability or so it seems to develope, a lot of pro coaches hired
to not only recruit but develope college freshmen and sophomores, after they have had very little developing in the pros because of the top tier of talent. Recruiting has fans scratching their heads, The constant rotations of offensive lineman in a game.
Sometimes I think CBB needs to put Froholt (?) back on defense. When CBB comes out of grading them all he communicates to us, “basically all the guys performed well or this one missed an assignment or block but the all performed and did what they were suppose to do”…Really…and now you hear how their size can be smaller because of that’s their limit strength wise…yeah even the strength Coach sounds like he’s drinking the Kool-aid…
The Oline needs to be who they are and devolope some cohesiveness, trust, and get back in the cafeteria and weight room to become a battering ram with attitude…

OC Enos has done a pretty fair job developing the qbs but every since he came the run first mentality is diminished. On paper it looks 50/50 but in a game the Oline never gets the rhythm or force the flow of the game to the run.
The offense is anemic…

Defense for another day.

Are you serious??? You say not to fire Bielema because it hurts the recruiting cycle??? …

Ummmm, yeah. Please explain. What recruiting cycle??? The one that’s had us in the bottom of the West and non competitive for years??? The recruiting cycle that has Bielema a 10-25 SEC record?? Get outta here. You get rid of the stinky garbage as fast as you can!!!