Smith to Minn

ESPN reporting Smith DC of Minnesota

Just saw that. Also said the new DC might be an internal higher of Paul Rhoads.

i don’t like the sound of that…

I just hope that it has no type of effect on recruits that are committed and our chances at securing others.

Why would they want him after the season he’s had? Good for us.

Just a thought, but the phrase “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind. Lets all be respectful and hope for the best outcome for all parties involved.

i said in another thread that i would be surprised we couldn’t land some defensive help given all the NFL churn right now. I really hope we land some NFL talent…it helps the level of play as well as recruiting. … oordinator

I understand the DC being gone, but why is the D-Line coach not on the hot seat. The DC sets the scheme, but doesn’t the D-Line coach have to get his players to use good technique, etc. He seems to be getting a “pass” here when he couldn’t get enough “pass” rush all year.

Good call GH,WPS

I wish they would get someone from Bama. If you can’t beat them, then hire one of them.

I hope he succeeds for the Golden Gophers. The gophers had a salty defense the last couple of years.

That’s good news. I know there was a talent issue, but players were always out of position, he never stunted or blitzed enough to disrupt offenses in the SEC. Surprised Enos wasn’t the one taken, he did a good job in spite of the defense putting him in horrible situations repeatedly.

I apologize for missing the 3 games in Fayetteville over the last 30 years, but I have seen and noticed a few things over the years. DC is an important job to provide schemes that put players in position to make plays. At Auburn, yes I was there, my son and I called 3 of Auburn’s TDs before the snap of the ball by the alignment of the defense. This was common all through the year. No, I don’t know why, but it happened over & over. Then take LBers who run straight ahead into the backs of D-linemen when the read should have taken them 2 steps L or R to the hole where the back was running. I’ll take your heat, but we had NO SEC LBers on the field & they did not have FB IQ’s. It was sad to watch. I agree that the position of LBer needs improvement in physical status and mental capability. I think we also had some players who weren’t hungry. Until all positions have true competition, does anything really change?

Yep,looks like the DC is gone and with this I am well pleased. Looks like the receivers coach,Rhoads,is going to be moved up. Not sure if that is the best option though. Guess if I was being paid millions and had the experience of CBB, I would know. Looks like we will all wait and see how this plays out-HOPEFULLY for the better. HOGS YA’LL.