Slop'in around

Well… we know a few facts about this team. But it will be a few intangibles that will tell all. The first game against a solid La-Tech team should tell us something about AA,the OL, and the D.

I read earlier these last few weeks the evals on our games up till alabama on WHS. If we are undefeated going into the Tide game…well things ought to get real interesting.
If…AA can keep it together and mature a little more-LOOK OUT! What say y’all?

I see from the article in WHS that they agree with me about 8 or 9 wins. Judging from the article, the D looks as strong as ever…THANK GOODNESS! Man…I want LSU and the Tide real BAD!
Look…I get it that AA has little experience and the OL still needs to GEL. What insights Y’all?

I think nine is doable, but they need a lot of come throughs at different spots, especially the left side of the offensive line.

In the case of the OL…how do you see it starting the season? I mean which five up front…and not neccessarily by position. Your opinion on the strength of LaTech?

Need to get my first post out on this new site

Very excited about the potential for this season

Need to stay healthy and Austin needs some early success to build confidence

Think the defense along with our wide receivers lead us to victories over certain teams we have not beat in a while


Read today,7/21,on WHS an article by Nate Olsen that’s right on 'bout our and bama’s schedule. Who is Colin Cowherd anyway? An opportunist for a headline apparently. So,what are your Arkansas ties/roots? Yep,I’m excited.

Can’t wait for the 1st game! Let’s see some SHUTDOWN defense! Let’s see some wide open hard hitting offense. I’m itching to see if DW is going to contribute in the run game. HOGS YA"LL.

HUNH is just another phase that will be addressed by DC’s. I see recruiting changes to address the the issues. Lighter,faster,stronger DT’s and DE’s coupled with secondary for man-to-man press coverage alongside top LB’s. You give the HUNH to same vanilla look but you rotate in fresh legs when the offense does. The offense never knows where the blitzs are coming from and keep the QB running for their life all game long. DO TO THEM WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO TO YOUR DEFENSE! When the HUNH comes to the line your defense is ready with the same look but a different blitz package coming on most plays. There is nothing to read or check off to because your getting the same look…the defense is just fast and strong. Practice for the defense should be one’s and two’s rotating in quick seccession to give the defense no rest. DO TO THEM WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO TO YOU! HOGS YA’LL.

I too am very concerned about AA. I hope he is not trying too hard with risky passes and throwing picks. He should let the WR’s use their impressive skill to reduce the pressure on him so he can get some early confidence.

As usual,I think the first game will tell us a lot about AA. LaTech is no cupcake! Skip Holtz is not an average coach! We start slow and finish strong in the 2nd half winning by say 10-14pts.

I’m very excited - - and hopeful - - about the apparently bright prospects for this upcoming season. I’m anxious to see how the OL gels right out of the gate, the quality of depth we will have at less experienced backup slots, and I wonder how quickly the incoming freshmen and juco transfers can be brought up to prime SEC quality form and figure prominently into the overall game personnel scheme.

                         WOO  PIG; - - - SOOIE!!!!!!!

AA is going to have some first game jitters-along with a lot of others I suppose. Confidence is what the coaches can bestow to get over what I think will be a slow start against LaTech. It’s the D I’m worried about and more specific the secondary and aside from Brooks Ellis the other LB’s. HOGS YA’LL.

I still say its the OL and AA on the offensive side of the ball that determines if we start fast or limp through the first game and win. Skip Holtz will have LaTech ready.I think the D will be a little better than last year-more experience in the secondary. HOGS YA’LL.

Looks like the O-Line is firming up now,with Raulerson going to sub for special stuff/injuries. And how about that freshman FB Hayden! Can anyone say Peyton Hillis+? Let’s go bust some SEC heads.HOGS YA’LL.

May people are worried that we have a newby starting in Froholt, but the guy is a beast and smart enough to pick up the assignments quickly. I think he will shock some people after a few games.

I’m very excited about Josh Williams getting back on the field after such a horrific injury. He can be a great addition to the LB corp and that is a bonus we didn’t expect to have 6 months ago. I don’t think he will need to be at FB with the FR Fullback doing so well.

I think Cody Hollister could have one of those break out Senior years at WR. They say he in the best shape and strength of his career. He is also much faster than you would expect.

I’m worried about our corners being able to play press coverage at the line of scrimmage to take away the quick passes. If we find at least one guy like a Tevin Mitchell that can play press coverage, then our defense is going to be much better.

According to Clay Henry AA is the real deal-I hope so. I hope he’s the diamond in the rough that is now being cut into a jewel. HOPE<HOPE<HOPE. HOGS YA,LL.

Clay Henry assurs all of us today on WHS that the OL has come together and lookin good. Man I want to run it down LaTech’s throat and then some! That should give AA the confidence he needs to light’em up with the good tight ends we have. We are how many days out from kickoff? 20? TOO MANY! HOGS YA’LL.

Here is my latest(but not greatest)arm chair observations through practices so far. QB-B,OL-B,DL-B+,LB-B+,RB-B+,TE-B+,S-B,CB-C(Injuries),KP-B, coaches-B+,and so overall a B. I have to say I am a little nervous about the CB situation. HOGS YA’LL.