Maybe its better not to talk about individual players, it is a team sport. However I am not going to miss Skipper. Yes I was happy with the blocked field goal against TCU but yet again yesterday it was another critical penalty late in the game the looked to be very costly, a holding call on first/goal with less than a minute. And yet we still almost pulled it out if Sprinkle could have just held on in the end zone.

I am sure we will have trouble replacing him with someone as tall (obviously not a priority) but shouldn’t have trouble finding a player with a better understanding of the basics of OL play.

Skipper gives 110% every down but I never liked offensive linemen that were as tall as he is. He just can’t get low enough to get leverage on the defensive linemen.

He has his moments where penalties were costly.

But he started 46 games, the most in his class and helped lead Arkansas to far more wins than he handed them losses - although some will always focus on A&M.

Just seems like a statement you might regret one day if your or friends’s son ever makes it to the level Skipper has.

He’s also been a great student and one of the key figures on this team in the community.

Dudley…you think CBB is serious about NO changes on his staff? What is your opinion on the DC Robb Smith? How about Rhoads? It would seem to me that our DB’s need better skills at playing press coverage. HOGS YA’LL.

I expect there to be changes


To be fair to Skipper, being 6’10" really makes him stand out above the crowd, literally. He gets a lot of penalties, but when you watch the replays in most cases he’s not doing anything that all of the other linemen aren’t doing. If you watch just regular replays in slo-mo in any college game, and pay attention to the linemen in the background, there’s seems to be a lot of holding going on in every play of every game. The refs can’t see it in the middle of the scrum in real time from the distance they’re positioned. With Skipper looming tall over the scrum, every little thing is easily spotted, making him a target for the flag. I think it’s a disadvantage being that tall on the line, have to adjust and play a different style game than all of the other linemen.