Six Minutes Into The Game

and six offensive rebounds for Seton Hall

Didn’t take long for your milk to sour.

That was just a fact

Typically teams in the Tourney come out using their strong points. We got a few turnovers early and Seton Hall got a few offensive boards early. We did a better job on the boards in the second part of the 1st half. What bothered me was we had 4 unforced turnovers and 2 on a fast break. We have to tighten that up in the second half. Both teams are playing well though. Looks like an 8-9 game should. Let’s push the tempo and finish this! WPS

Refs have done a decent job, but Barford was fouled on that last drive. Should have been an 1.

We will pull this one out Bardford and Kingsley are hungry.

A timely 3 would do wonders for us right now.

Survive and Advance

That was a really good game by the Hogs! Seton Hall was a very solid team. Now if we can just get Texas Southern to do the unthinkable!.. Yes!.. Maybe?.. ah no lmao

Let’s hope we do something unthinkable on Sunday

US? I want Texas Southern to do the unthinkable today.

Right. Texas Southern will beat UNC today. First 16 seed ever to beat a #1 seed? Bwwwahahaha. Sure.

With a bunch of NC fans in the family, Sunday will probably be tough. I don’t see the Hogs with any chance of beating NC, but I’m glad we get the chance. The Hogs really turned their season around, you really have to be proud of them.

I actually have UNC winning the NC in 5 of my 10 ESPN brackets. They are just a loaded team. That being said, WPS!!! GO HOGS!!!