At the conclusion of a rare, lengthy period of thoughtful meditation last night, I came to the shocking realization that at least fully 80 % of the monetary assets which I have laboriously accrued over the span of my entire adult life has been spent on wine, women and song. The remaining 20%, - - - - - - - I just WASTED!!!


Wasn’t hard to realize you did that, I’ve read your posts on both the old board and this one :stuck_out_tongue:

I am STRONGLY inclined to believe that a substantial number of the young “singers” whose incoherent, imprecise atonal warbling and caterwauling to which I am involuntarily subjected these days shares your handicap - - - in spades.

From the time of my childhood (many years ago), Webster’s Dictionary has defined the word “music” as a sound which is pleasing to the ear. I’m admittedly from the old school - and a retired professional musician and vocalist. VERY few (and I do mean VERY few!) of the mass produced commercial offerings of both instrumental and vocalized audio in contemporary times deserves to be classified as “music” IMHO.

You were forewarned of my shortcomings and idiosyncrasies before our migration to WHS. Likely, you don’t simply take my posts with a few grains of salt; you no doubt unscrew the lid and dump half the shaker on them. That’s entirely understandable.

I’m glad you’re here, bakedog.

I long ago gave the “music” to which you refer its proper name. NOISE. And I have observed this NOISE sounds good apparently after a few snorts of white powder.

BologHog, I will discreetly apply “The Pole Vaulter” treatment to your final sentence; - - - - I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.