Segrest out...

Segrest out, will Bielema bring Charlie Partridge back? … back-2017/

I hope he does. Our line and special teams were much better under partridge.

This Bielema dude has an ex assistant on every team in the country…LOL… Now Segrest will go to one of our rivals, and in two yrs they will use that for motivation, and beat Arkansas 55-3…LOL…
If he had done it after the bowl game, it probably wouldn’t fire him up, but now in February, where he may be out of work, that’s going to piss him off. We’re going to have to fire Bielema in a cpl yrs, just so we quit being every team’s Super Bowl game…Alabama has the talent and then some to be everyone’s Super Bowl game, Arkansas does not…

Wow…you are a complete idiot.

I don’t think I’m a complete idiot, maybe like 15% idiot,10% A hole, 25% very honest, and 50% the most decent person anyone has ever met, but I haven’t conducted an extensive indelth poll, but that seems to be what my Ratings are, people are asked to rate me after every encounter, for real…

Every yr since this dude has been here coaches are like, I got to get outta here…Dude is obviously a complete butt head…

And every year he has no problem hiring another coach. Who has left to take another position ostensibly to get away from Bielema? Ash left to be DC at Ohio State an established program with better athletes and now he is a head coach. . Partridge left to be a head coach. Jennings left to go “home” to Texas. Cheney was asked to leave and replaced by a better coach. Pittman left to rejoin his buddy Cheney at a program has better athletes. Smith was asked to leave. Now which of these coaches has a chip on his shoulder and is gonna come back and hang half-a-hundred on us? Possibly Cheney, but who else?

Ash left to be CO D.C. as I recall. Cheney is like one of the best recruiting coaches in the nation right now, and our OL isn’t better. Randy Shannon took less pay to be an assistant at UF. I haven’t heard that Partridge is kicking down the door to come back in yet either. He had the same problem at Wisconsin, there he blamed it on salaries. It’s not salaries, it’s not the actual duties, or the product, it’s him, no one anywhere in the entire nation likes him. You can’t find 5 people in the entire country that likes him. The guy is a serious A hole. He came in talking all this smack, had no idea what he was getting into. And in 2-3 yrs, he’ll be gone…

Actually, what appears to have happened is the BB gave him time to find another job (hence not firing him right away after the bowl game) and he didn’t find one. In the mean time he got to collect another month or so in pay and got the chance to try to find another job. Pretty classy and stand up on BB’s part.

Ask him if he would rather be fired in December or in February.


And yes, I’m sure he would rather be fired at the end of the college season, as opposed to February.

If Bielema is gone in 2-3 years it will be because idiots like you ran him off. And you will inevitably hate the next coach because he doesn’t win a NC in his first season.

Apparently, as per Clay in another thread, Segrest was given four weeks to find another job but could not and thus was released in February. In essence, told to leave at end of December and given a month to find a job so as not to be fired. That doesn’t sound to me like CBB was being the bad guy here. The onus is on Segrest, a perfectly nice guy who is out of work but nonetheless it’s not CBB’s fault. CBB would have rather the man found a job so he would have never had to make the release he did.

And considering Arkansas assistant contracts run thru June Segrest will be paid his $300,000 salary until then. Bielema needed to make a change based on performance and his plan to move to a 3-4 and he did.

I find it annoying that the guy who constantly says “Everybody hates Bielema” is asking for a source.

Jeff E = sad

Actually for someone to assume any person is an idiot who they’ve never met, that they don’t know anything about, have no clue who they’re talking to. You’re far more likely to be this “idiot” you keep mentioning than myself. Especially considering you seem to think simply because I have an opinion of the man’s character indifferent of your apparent opinion, that somehow makes my opinion idiotic, when in reality just the very fact that you have garnered that thought in your pea brain head of yours, no doubt from a personal standpoint, makes it much more likely that there is only one idiot in this conversation, and it’s not me.

My OPINION remains, whether your narrowmind is accepting of that or not, is that Bielema has serious problems getting along with people, and there has been a constant turnover of staff as a result of that problem. My opinion is also based on my two conversations with him personally, that any critique at all in opposition of what’s in his mind, he takes abnormally personal. I never felt that way about any other coach. That being said, I don’t hate or dislike anyone, I don’t care enough to hate or dislike anyone. Although my opinion of anyone that starts out calling people idiots like yourself is pretty low…

And I’m done, this is stupid, speaking of idiotic, this conversation is such.


I find it annoying that you can’t comprehend the difference between an opinion and stating hearsay as a fact. Clay Henry is likewise a reporter, so again, your source is again hearsay from hearsay from a third party.

I find it annoying that we can’t expect our head coach to hire coaches, keep them, for more than a yr or two. This isn’t a new problem, he had the same problems getting along with people in Wisconsin. Some transition will happen, but when great coaches like Randy Shannon go somewhere and become.e DC after one yr, turn around that defense down there into fairly solid, and then you look at Arkansas’ and it’s sad it is so bad. And then you ask the head coach about it, and he denies it’s a problem, and his initial statement was he didn’t forsee any staff changes at all. The guy is a self centered jerk, that thinks we’re dumb enough to buy this pathetic spin…


I get what you are saying, but if a reporter saying that is what the situation was and logic says that is what happened, what would be a good source? Segrest? Is he going to say in public “I was given 4 weeks to find a job, but I couldn’t find one.” I don’t think he would ever say that.

A couple of side points: (1) No, reporters are not always right. I once tried a very high profile case that had loads and loads of reporters covering it. I would read the stories in the papers the next day and think “were you even in the same courtroom I was?” I do think a big part of the problem in that case was most of the reporters covering the story had minimal legal backgrounds and didn’t understand what was going on at times. That wouldn’t really apply to a seasoned sports reporter, but you are right, reporters get it wrong at times. (2) The idea of telling someone you have 4 weeks (or whatever) to find a job or you are gone is logical. I have done it several times (of course not coaching related). I suspect that happens a whole lot of the time in coaching. But, I don’t have any first hand knowledge of that.

Don’t bring logic to the arguement. Jeffie is so blinded by his hatred for Bielema it will be lost on him.

I would have to care to hate, I could care a less, in fact, I hope he does well, wins an SEC title. But my opinion of him has changed based on the results, the constant turnover, and his attitude…This is a game. I hate when people profit off of health care, and good people go without healthcare. I hate when inner city schools are falling a part, while the 1 percenters have no issues at all. I hate when people polute our environment for profit. I hate when people are discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, etc. I hate that good jobs are hard to find even with a college degree.

I don’t hate a football coach in a silly kids game. Get some priorities in life my man…

Seems like football must be a high priority in your life from the amount of time you spend posting. Maybe you need to reevaluate your priorities.
By the way was that Randy Shannon’s defense that we beat this year?