So are we going to get a 6 seed or no?

I think we will be a 7 seed. NCAA wants to keep us in line for a possible matchup with UNC or Duke.

From the end of the games yesterday, it looks like we have a real shot at the 6 seed. Which I think means we’ll be in Dallas, but I don’t know for sure.

My guess is a 6. Jerry Palm still has us as the 6 seed in Dallas. I’ll take that right now. However, I have no idea why people think that a 6 seed means one site over another. They can distribute seeds however they want. Having said that, you can be pretty sure Virginia will be a 1 seed, and will get a site close to home. That is likely to be Charlotte. Which does not mean either Duke or UNC won’t be sent there as well (but not both), but Duke or UNC would have to be in a different region than UVa.

My guess on the 1 seeds:
Virginia, South, Charlotte
Villanova, East, Pittsburgh
Xavier, Midwest, Detroit (basically the same distance from Cincinnati as Nashville)
Kansas, West, Wichita.

Hey I vote for Dallas!