secret weapon at the rock......

“I don’t require much. I’m pretty tough. But what I do ask is that the room I’m in not be infested,” Spears told He played in the Razorbacks’ second home stadium twice, a win in 2002 and a loss in '04. More than a decade later he still gets a visible case of heebie-jeebies when he discusses his “Saw”-like experience. “I’m not talking about roaches or bugs, though they were probably there, behind the walls. I’m talking about nastiness. Like, germs and disease. Man, I wore my socks in the shower after those games just so my bare feet wouldn’t touch that tile.” … ice-reason

And then there’s Mike Leach who says that WMS is the loudest place he’s ever been to. … al-stadium

Well maybe that is why we had a great record in WMS…and since when did we give a …about what the opposing players thought?

The opponents locker needs to be as uncomfortable as possible. Put a water hose in there for showers ( cold water only)
And make sure there’s no AC.
I’d like to see some of these big mouths that work for SEC network get a coaching job where everyone can complain about them!