SEC-W Projections- will Bama and LSU stumble a little?

The HOGS get penalized in the pre-season rankings because we are starting a 3rd year Soph QB, but Bama will be starting a QB with even less experience. Bama is breaking in a new QB and new RB. Not one of their QB candidates really set themselves apart in the spring. The QB doesn’t have to be a superstar at Bama…blah blah blah…but it doesn’t mean they won’t make mistakes early in the season. We get them in the 6th game.

The QB play at LSU is an enigma and the recruiting is even more odd. Why can’t LSU recruit a QB other than a transfer like Mettenberger? Brandon Harris is a mess in spite of being surrounded by some of the best talent in the Nation. It is scary to imagine how good LSU could have been with a good QB the last 5 years, because their losses were on the QB.

Ole Miss has the best QB in the SEC, but is it enough to over come losses on the line and lack of a proven running game?

A&M has a good experienced transfer QB in Knight from OU. They have some great WR talent, but can they put it together?

I think these statements are the definition of why Bama and LSU are usually superior to everyone else in pre-season projections. Having the talent they are able to recruit at every position, and the depth of that talent, covers a multitude of sins. To quote Ric Flair, “to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.” Until someone does, this is what we can expect.

I think this might be the first time in a while that Bama is replacing the QB and RB in the same year. LSU and Bama could be vulnerable this year, but LSU will be comfortable by the time we play them.

bama opens at USC and from what I understand USC is also breaking in a new QB. bama will likely win but in a close one I think. bama has to travel on four tough conference games-Ole Miss,Arkansas,Tennessee,and LSU. If we don’t knock them off then likely Ole Miss or LSU. We are overdue for an alabama upset! HOGS YA’LL.

Hog Treat…I see you’re from Jonesboro. I played football for the West Memphis Blue Devils. I remember playing in a defensive struggle against the Hurricane to a 6 to 6 tie while playing on the ‘B’ team and I think it was '74. Ring any bells. HOGS YA’LL.

I think that bama is somewhat immune to major drop offs when players leave, but QB is a different animal for new players. They also have a new RB so that adds more risk and possible mistakes as well. They will have some kinks worked out by the time of our game with them, or they are still tinkering or nurturing the QB and RB newbies. They have some great WR’s but it won’t matter much if the QB isn’t efficient at putting the ball in their hands. We will know how weak they are if Ridley is getting too many carries on Jet Sweeps.

I live in Jonesboogie but did not grow up here. I love the town and what it has become since 2005.

But the Hogs get LSU right after the tiggers play Bama. That could make them vulnerable.

Is everybody as stinking tired of losing to bama as I am? I could spit on the ground just thinking about that 14-13 loss! Know what though…whacking lsu and ole miss takes away the pain a little bit. Man I hate bama… they still try to claim our '64 title! Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see bama’s QB struggle. HOGS YA’LL.

Bama’s D will keep them in games. Catching them early is important. I want to see Saban have a meltdown at DWR much like Fulmer did when DMac and company ran wild.

I would LOVE to see Saban throw those headphones down on the ground! Maybe we will get the chance this time! You are right about one thing-bama’s defense is usually pretty tough. I’m thinking our D will be better this year though. HOGS YA’LL.

We will have enough talent on the Oline to have a 2nd string that can rotate. We have had a great Oline but we have not had the talent at 2nd string to give guys a breather. Our Oline has worn down in the 2nd half, so this year may be unique in that our guys should be more fresh in the 4th qtr.

It was no surprise to Saban & Co that they would need a new QB this year (or RB, for that matter). Unfortunately, whoever it is will be efficient. Nonetheless, I think we have a fairly decent chance of beating them this year. Our defense will keep us in the game. (FINALLY, we can say that…) I wish we had them at home next year, though. I think the Hogs are going to be scary good in 2017 (especially if we can keep Enos and Smith around 1 more year)! WPS

I agree and I’m with you about next year. I think the WR corp and D line will lose a lot guy but that we have good replacements in the 2nd string