SEC Tourney

Well, I don’t think I will watch another Hog baseball game this year. Every time I watch, they look terrible. Like I said earlier and got ripped for it, they don’t have any real good pitchers and they can’t hit when they need to. Their stretch record of 14 and 9 should be a telling story. Today’s game was hard to watch except for the first two innings. I think they will get killed by Auburn and go home today. I see the same results in the regionals. They are not a real good team. I don’t see how they swept MS during the season but it was early. Van Horn got out coached today also. Bring on the heat but I think time will prove me right and I don’t know much about college baseball.

Moo U got lucky and made defensive plays that keep the game close! 1 at 3rd base, 2 plays at 1st base that saved 3 runs and one in RF that saved 2 runs. It could have been much different and what you failed to notice was that we walked in the the go ahead run. That’s baseball my friend. We have a good team not a great team. But they have overcome losing 2 starting pictures early in the year to injury. Sometimes we should appreciate the improvements from last year!

Army, I give them credit for a very good season compared to last year, but my point has been all along they will not do good in the post season. If you look at their last 24 games they are 14 and 10 which is not a great record and don’t justify their lofty ranking. I would like to see them make it the CWS but I don’t see the pitchers available to do it. If they have a really good shut down type pitcher, I’ve not seen him. They do have some good power hitters, but I think that hurt them today. It appeared everyone was hitting for the long ball. To be a good hitting team you must have both and the games I’ve watched they have given a lot of those games away.

It was my fault, I didn’t know the game was televised until the 8th inning. That’s when Moo U seemed like they found their grove and we lost ours. So I won’t watch at 5:30

Much improved over last season, however I believe most Hog fans didn’t expect them to get beat in the opening game. Hopefully, they can bounce back against Auburn and keep the hope of hosting a regional in Fayetteville alive. If they bow out today then I doubt they will get or deserve to host.
They most certainly didn’t look like the number 13 team in the nation earlier today, but perhaps the bats will wake up and get a good game from Knight for a win to move on to the next round.
They definitely have dug themselves into a hole!

Go Hogs

You may be right about not getting to host a regional, but the NCAA won’t make a decision based on one game. It’s the body of work, and the Arkansas body of work is better than MSU’s. But, of course, nobody knows what will happen until it happens. Get your popcorn ready.

The SEC Tourney crew had said Knight would be pitching tonight, but turns out it’s Taccolini. Hogs off to a good start again with a 3-0 lead in the top of the 4th, hope they can tack on more runs and put this one away.

Go Hogs

Very glad the Hogs bounced back against Auburn. I hit on their pitching and they come back with a great game. Where have they been hiding Cronin? He looked like he might have a bright future. They could have used one of those home runs against MS.

Game of inches and chances if you keep hitting the ball they will fall in for hits or leave the yard. Pitching was ok lucky with all the full counts to get a shut out and even more lucky for getting the no hitter.

Those that didn’t watch missed a lot of SECT records. A no hitter, A 3 homer game from Span. 2 triples from Biggers…GHG!

[tweet][/tweet] De Jesus Christo! Does no one understand that we lost not one but TWO starting pitchers this season but are still in the convo for home field for the CWS? Pitching has been our prob all year imagine if we had a whole healthy lineup. Van Horn and his staff have done a wonerful job and we the fans shoukd be nothing but thankful.

Right. You don’t know much about college baseball. How about 37-2 over the last 3 games. Yeah, we got killed.

Yes, thankfully I was wrong. I still see pitching as a problem especially today. I am sure VH will have some plan for pitchers but it will be difficult. It was good to see the bats come alive and score some runs. LSU is a good team and they really came back to beat us during the regular season. Go Hogs!!!

The outstanding job by Murphy saved our pen, and we will need all hands on deck today. Tall order again today, but GHG!

Good try Hogs, but the error in the 4th really hurt and the blown call at second in the fourth on the Fletcher play could have been a game changer.

The problem today was not pitching! An error opened the door and the strike zone was absurd! Put LSU on the field with our hogs on a neutral field in Omaha and I like our chances! Horrible call on a check swing and a force out on Fletcher at second that the Second baseman wasn’t on the bag. The game today was there for the taking and we lost no big deal. Get off the idea that pitching was the problem. It sure wasn’t! I’d take that performance on the mound every game.

Hogs are in good shape.