SEC Tournament

I know it’s early. We still have one regular season game left. But, I’d like to go ahead and open up this discussion because the seeding is already starting to shape up and I’d like to have this discussion open for the whole SEC tournament instead of opening new ones for every game.

As of right now, Arkansas would be a 4 seed and get a double bye, BUT Kentucky plays tonight and probably won’t lose to Ole Miss(but who knows really).

Tennessee helped us out last night by beating MSU.

Winning out is the best way for us to secure the double bye, but we will still need some help.

The biggest help is when Kentucky and Florida play each other Saturday. Both have beaten Arkansas and will probably have the same SEC record as us, but of course, one is going to fall on Saturday moving them down.

So here’s to beating Mizzou(I can’t stand most of their fan base) and either Kentucky or Florida going down.

Here is my issue. I understand everyone wants the double bye, but if we win out KY wins out (or FL) we would be the four seed, and one of those two would be the five seed. We don’t want to play FL or KY in the first game. We need KY to lose tonight and again on Sat. OR as much as I hate to say this, we need to lose Sat. That way we avoid both FL and KY until the Championship Game. Those are the only two teams I don’t want to play.

When it comes to fan bases Kentucky has the most arrogant and stuck up fan base in the country. I can tolerate Missouri fans and I just overlook them. No comment on the Florida fans.

Tonight SEC games are interesting to me.
I’d like to see Georgia win tonight and Saturday. Then get to ST Louis and win 2 games. I think Georgia has a better chance to make the dance than Alabama at this point! Georgia could get a big win at home tonight aginst Texas A&M to get too 8-9 17-12 their current RPI is 70 and would get a bump. LSU travels to South Carolina and with a win also gets to 8-9 in conference and 17-12 overall.

The seeds for the SEC tournament are still in question. The hogs can finish from 3rd to 5th. Looking back at this season there’s 2 games that have impacted the record a lot more than what you’d think. @ Moo U giving up the lead late and at home aginst LSU just simply a no show by the hogs. The conference is stronger this year and clearly there isn’t much difference between
The first place team and the 9 place team.

For those with a chance to win in ST Louis
it’s wide open.
Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia
And Texas A&M all have a good chance to win it! I don’t think Auburn can handle the 24 hour turn around. Missouri turns the ball over too much! Alabama is simply playing bad. Florida has no inside presence!

To make the dance here’s my guess

  1. Auburn 4-5 seed
  2. Tennessee. 3-4 seed
  3. Kentucky. 5-6 seed
  4. Arkansas. 5-7 seed
  5. Florida. 6-9 seed
  6. Missouri. 8-9 seed
  7. Texas A&M. 8-9 seed
  8. Alabama. 11 seed Dayton
  9. Georgia. 11 seed Dayton

LSU could win these next 2 games and get in because of their Q-1 wins.

South Carolina, Vandy or Ole Miss would have to win the SEC Tournament to get in!

I can’t wait to see what Swine thinks about this! His ideas are pretty much spot on!

I want Kentucky to get the 3 seed in the SEC tournament. I think the hogs can beat Florida if they are the 5 seed and we are the 4 seed!

i tend to agree with you Baked, KY and FL are the 2 teams we match up worst with. we cant out-athlete KY and FL doesnt turn it over so our pressure does little to bother them. also Allen always destroys us even when he is struggling. however i would like another shot at either of them because a win vs either of them helps us more with NCAA seeding than beating anyone else. i would rather play them with us being the 4 though, so we would be more rested. i believe the KY game to be more of an aberration than anything. in our last 7 games, excluding KY we have played much better defense and have outrebounded some of the best rebounding squads in the conference. as much as i’d rather see someone else, i say bring them on because the can help us more than hurt us.

Turning the corner with a 1st day Florida or KY win would be a huge boost to the Hog’s confidence and momentum going into the ncaa tourney. With every player keyed in when given their minutes this can happen. KY or Fla should prepare the Hogs for an unlucky draw as they probably will get another 1st weekend bracket w a N Carolina or Duke. I hope the Hogs do well enough or advance far enough in the SECT to maybe get a seed in range of 4 to 6.

There’s no way to avoid playing one of them. There’s a 3 way tie for 3rd place right now with one game left.

  1. Auburn or Tenn
  2. Auburn or Tenn
  3. Florida or Kentucky
  4. Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky or Moo U
  5. Same as above

It could get crazy. Just win at Missouri and play! 4 seed would be nice. I don’t think Florida or Kentucky would have much energy on one days rest. I would like to see the hogs beat both Florida and Kentucky in ST Louis.
There would be a reward for beating them.

I didn’t see this, but there was a way of avoiding playing them (KY or FL). If Moo U and KY had won, AR would have been the 7th seed. KY and FL would still have been the 4/5 seed. But, that would have put us against LSU in the first game. No matter how the games played out yesterday we would have gotten a bad matchup, LSU/KY/FL in the first game, or FL/KY in our second game. Just bad luck

So we play South Carolina tonight.

Last night, SC was hot from the 3 point line, so guarding the 3 will be crucial. But, like the last time we played them, everything runs through Silva. Stop Silva, you stop SC. Silva goes to the line a lot, so if our defenders can stay on their feet and set him up for help blocking his shot, we’ll be in good shape and keep our bigs out of foul trouble.

On offense, attack the rim. SC is not near as athletic as us, especially their big men, so attack the basket, look to pass off when double teamed, and draw fouls. We do that, and the game is ours.

This will be a tough game to win, too many things against the Hogs. I think the Hogs go home to rest for NCAA tourney.

The hogs should win today aginst the chickens. I don’t see another offensive explosion by them today!
Ole Miss failed to play defense last night.

What’s against the Hogs exactly?

the only way South Carolina can score enough to keep up with us is on the FT line. they are thin up front, even more so than us and their bigs aren’t good athletes aside from Silva so we can get into their legs. i think our srs want another shot at FL, having not beat them in ages. i like this matchup to get Bailey and Gabe some extended minutes to get ready for stretch run as we’ll need em to step up now.

A&M and Bama game was down the wire and a great finish.

Watching the announcers kiss up to Mizzou and watching Mizzou throw fits for getting called for the fouls they normally get away with.

This is the first time I have seen Porter, Jr. I am NOT impressed.

He’s very talented, but I wanted to puke with the way the announcers went on and on and on about him.

They’re going on now about how we always allow teams back in the game and we are a different team away from BWA

We should win this game tonight because we have more depth than SC, having said that, I hope it doesn’t go down to the wire so we can give our key guys some rest if we do win and face off with Florida tomorrow night.
I don’t like either decision made by Gafford when he picked up both fouls, I thought he’d learned the value to this team by staying out of early foul trouble.
He has to make better decisions going forward.
If we allow SC to hang around all game and we expend to much energy then I think we’ll have a tough time pulling off a victory against Florida tomorrow night.
Wow, don’t look now, but the game is tied late in the first half.
Hope the Hogs don’t get sent home tonight.

Go Hogs!

Arkansas is just playing sloppy! Silly turnovers and not finishing shots. Pace is to our liking, but our guards have got to be more active on the boards.

Finished strong thanks to good FT shooting, 14-15. Keep being aggressive and attacking the glass. We’ve got to find a way to free up Gafford.

Man, I was thinking we were getting called for a lot of fouls. Then they showed the FT stat. We are up 15-7. We are 14-15 (93%).