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Not wanting this to be a poor little Arkansas thread, but did I miss something in recent conference realignment announcing that we are no longer in the SEC? Know we don’t have a compelling game and did not expect much. But in the first hour I can’t recall hearing much, if Rattler did not have an early season crappy game in Arkansas, I think we would have not made an appearance. Just knew when Tebow was doing a feature on QB’s that we would see something on KJ , at least, but not a word.

Look at our competition for game 1. That’s why there is so little mention.

I did note we don’t have a compelling game, albeit not the only cupcake for opening week, but at least I thought KJ might have merited some attention when highlighting top quarterbacks. I know the games are won on the field, not in the media, but with two hours to fill and the general crap that gets discussed, I thought I might see something. And I know winning and performing probably does more to resolve this than whining, but at the beginning of the season, most teams are less than fully known quantities.

After BYU, I’m no longer sure KJ is the best QB in SEC. We will see next week.

I’m not sure he’s the best QB on campus.

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Some of my friends put it all on the offensive line. But that interception and the fumble is on KJ.

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