SEC Nation in Fayetteville!!!

It’s a good day to be a Hog fan. And yes, Jen Bielema will be on TV, YAY!

Tebow picked the Gators, Finebaum and Marcus picked the Hogs!

I was listening to the Bo Mattingly podcast and Brad Nessler made a couple comments about the Hogs having some changes made to the O-line. They would not elaborate on this, and Brad said they would cover it before the game. Has anyone heard anything about what changes have been made?

Also, is anyone else watching the Miss St./ ATM game? State is playing lights out!

If they haven’t had the best people in the lineup then why are they just changing now 8 games into the season…makes no sense.

Seems very possible that it makes sense, could be kids playing banged up and it was decided to play an healthier kid, could be a kid has made a big move in his development or other possible options. You may have not meant anything negative by your statements, but after some less than outstanding line play, why wouldn’t we be happy to see an effort to turn around a problem area?

The one thing Coach Nutt did while at Arkansas was have solid line play. His teams lead the SEC in rushing 8 out of his 10 years here. I recall him saying on more than one occasion that he did not like starting freshmen and sophomores on the O-line. He said “they don’t have that MAN strength, yet!” I think we have very good O-line recruits on the hill right now. I just don’t think they are quite ready to shoulder the load. I think that the guards we have been starting may not be the most talented O-linemen on the team. They may just be the most physically ready ones.