SEC Hoop !!!!

3 teams in Elite 8, 10-2 record through tourney AND everyone knows if refs called it better down stretch in AR game, it could be even more dominating!!!

The coaching has continued to get better and better and with the Mizzou and LSU hires recently it’s now flat out loaded!! Maybe we’ll get more than 5 teams in tourney next season

Also, Lonzo Ball got flat BALL’D ON by D’Aaron Fox. Magic was sitting courtside, I hope as Lakers GM now he still don’t wanna take that piece of hype, man it’s not close who’s better. Lonzo couldn’t even get a good look on Fox, he’s too slow. Also, Thornwell is dominating this tourney. Tourney MVP so far.

SEC basketball is just as strong as any conference. If the whistle would have blown equally during the game and if the hogs shoot 25 free throws it would be different. It’s not just the whistles at the end. It’s just like the one sided calls in the Kentucky game. Blue bloods are protected.
Ball is weak and needs to hit the weights! He will be a D league player next year. If the lakers take him over Fox they are crazy. I’m just glad we are done seeing Monk and Fox.

The SEC will have one team advance to the elite 8 for sure with Florida and South Carolina playing each other. If Arkansas would have won the NC game and Butler they would have been matched up with Kentucky. 3 to the elite 8 and 1 four sure to the final 4 is pretty good. If Kentucky beats North Carolina then 2 teams to the final 4. It’s nice to see the pundits be wrong about how strong the ACC and Big 12 are!