SEC 10-22

That is Bielema’s four year career record in the SEC. Bielema is 8-8, in his last two years in the SEC. Feasting on several cupcakes yearly is all that makes his career seasonal totals here at all palatable and he choked on Toledo.

What fan base would be happy with all that after four years? Bielema is literally turning this program into the caliber of the Mississippi schools. That is what many outside this state predicted when Arkansas joined the SEC. Bielema is therefore the fulfillment of a prophecy.

CBB’s teams have faced more ranked SEC teams and beat more ranked SEC teams than any other previous Coach. JS
I guess they were ranked cupcakes though.

Going into this season I was perfectly happy with Bielema. I thought the program was moving in the right direction. I realized this year with the losses on offense the defense would keep us in games. It turned out the defense was a huge liability!

In games last year against the usual top teams we were competitive but this year they rolled over us yet after seeing all this instead of stating there could be coaching changes, he announces there will be no changes!

I heard excuses all year, we have to set the edge, we need to be more disruptive, but nothing changed. I believe the defensive players lost confidence in their coaches and our offense lost confidence on the defense. There needs to be changes but will there?

Bielema has a fat buyout so unless the boosters want a change, he’s here until 2020. A buyout as big as he has can make a coach lazy and think he has all the time in the world so Long the author of that buyout needs to explain to him that he doesn’t and if not he needs to go as well. I’m going to sit back and wait and see what happens this off season but if things stay the same, I won’t be attending any games next year because I think we’re headed for at best a 6-6 season.

I don’t believe that. Prove it?

In fact research it CBB and his AR teams have faced more ranked teams period 2nd to Bama who has faced more.

You didn’t say Bielema had faced SEC teams in relation to Alabama. You said Bielema had faced more ranked SEC teams than any other coach. Nutt was here 10 years in the SEC.

Bielema has a mediocre to lousy record here anyway you cut it.

Hey, next year may be a little better. Bama, Auburn and LSU, possibly A&M will be ranked. That’s the life in the SECW.

I have been a supporter of CBB, thinking is many ways he has cleaned up the program with good kids and holds them accountable for class attendance and the grades have improved dramatically. But, and this is a huge but, we have not improved against our competition this year by winning only one game against a winning team, Florida. Most of us know that he will not be fired until after his six year due to his large buyout, but he must make changes to his defensive staff and the basic philosophy of how to play against spread teams. We were embrassed too many times this year. As an example of his record against other coaches here, Houston Nutt (who I personally thought was a clown) was 30-18 in his first four years and 29-19 in his last four. CBB is 24-25 and the losses have been increasingly worse. Shut your mouth and twitter account, start recruiting faster players and find a DC that has a clue. That is the only way you will be here after six years.

I support CBB as long as he makes changes to the defensive staff. We should know after the bowl game if he plans to take the necessary steps. The stat about the SEC and Alabama is correct-it was plastered all over the TV screen during the Florida game. HOGS YA’LL.

Our record since 1992, the year we entered the SEC:

Arkansas: 166-137-2. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Ole Miss: 160-140-0. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Miss State: 147-151-2. 4 seasons at 9 or better
Auburn: 207-100-2. 11 seasons at 9 or better

Data from