I hope he finds his way here. I loved his shtick and his outré sense of humor. His “Running Diaries” and “What I Know” threads were always great reads.

And heck… I want to watch his daughter grow up.

I’m with you Mud. I too loved his outrageous humor :shock: I also liked the way he evaluated the basketball players as well as his game commentary.

I periodically get an email when Seattle post a new entry on his blog site. Ellis is really growing up. I would see them in at basketball games also. Have received an email notification lately though. I always enjoyed his posts, especially his “Ellis Unleashed” stories.

Seattlehog does his writing mostly in football and basketball season. He will get it cranked up soon! We will be in football season before you know it.

Seattle’s last post on a public board was in November. He did not participate in any discussion about the last basketball season.

On his own website, he made his last post in May. Non-sports.

He’ll get back to writing when football cranks up, at least that’s what I’m told.

Always look forward to his reads also!

Seattle loves to make us miss him.
Then Bam, he unloads!

Here’s a link to his latest “Ellis Unleashed” story. There’s only one fairly recent post. It’s “Ellis and the Toof Fairy”. He posted it 2 months ago. His next one on the site was dated 6/5/2015, so he went almost a year before posting this new one. As always, it’s really good.