Seasonal Thoughts

This time of year, - - for me, - - is a bummer

Entering into The Dog Days Of Summer

I won’t badmouth baseball in any way

But Razorbacks football is four months away



The OP reigns supreme for now

Credibility undiluted

Pardon me while I take a bow

For remaining undisputed


No one around here gets in a fizz

So this thread’s whatever I say it is


As I got older I lost my passion for MLB, I never cared for the NBA, you would have to pay me to watch soccer,
so I prefer to sit on the porch in my rocking chair and remember when life was much more exciting. Even so, I do miss
college football as it used to be. I do think the one game a week was better TV than 50 a week we have now.

Your post echoes my own sentiments exactly. :slight_smile: