Search committee

I suppose there is a first time for everything. After Ms Peoples delivered the termination letter to CBB she said that she had the point and there would be no search committee.

According to the ADG there will in fact be a coaching search committee, DHR international, a first for UA.

Maybe ‘the powers that be’ were indeed evaluating CBB until the final snap of the final game or. . . !

The search committee is actually the BOT. Anyone whoever or even remotely thought that Ms. Peoples would be given the responsibility of hiring the next head coach is seriously in need of a reality check.

The outside search committee for the football coach became necessary when Tenn screwed up it’s attempt to hire Greg Schiano. The Vol faithful got terribly upset, probably about several things including the discovery that Schiano was an assistant at Penn State during the time the children were being sexually molested by the former Penn State DC.

The UofA simply wants the vetting process to be handled by professionals in the trade to avoid any potential problems.