Scratching My Head Gus

What the heck are you doing? He may play Porkdiet at QB.

Man, if this doesn’t prove he shouldn’t be HC, I don’t know what does. AUB should have won

Well, after I said that Dabo goes and Miles running out the clock

They want him dead on the Auburn board.

That gimmick offense just doesn’t work unless you have an all star QB that can throw and run.

So very glad we don’t run that gimmick stuff. It’s so high school.

Auburn’s AD would fire his mother. Gus is feeling the heat.
I bet they’re already on the phone with Trino or Gruden.

I was laughing watching Texass vs Notre Lame pregame. Last night everyone who is anyone was bashing Gus for his switching QB’s. Apparently Texass is doing the same thing, only tonight it’s a Great Idea for the first game.

Can someone explain?

With the Auburn defense, he will win several games this year. I just hope we can beat him at home.

I suspect it is that neither coach sees one of the guys as so good it is his job. But to me, it is a little foolish to let them try out in a real game. I just hope ND loses 12 games. And Texas 11.

I think Gus(Mr. High School and prolific author)went through the ranks too quickly without proper seasoning;hence to gadget play. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO GLAD LSU LOST! And now I have to humble myself and say the tide looked pretty strong. IF- we make it to that game 4-1 I’ll be happy. HOGS YA’LL.