Say what you want about Ole Piss

Freeze gets his players to play physical.

I still can’t discount the ever-present possibility that they might “Freeze up” at a most inopportune time. Like the old timer with the thoroughly rusted out pocket watch famously quipped, - - “Time will tell”.

Wow, now you’re even quoting Nostra :wink: J/k j/k

Ole Miss has no depth on defense. if you can survive their initial first punch, you can handle them in the second half. The offense is all about Kelly. They have no playmaker for him to get the ball to, and no real running game. This was a mental game for Bama.

I’m hearing the NCAA investigation against Ole Miss may last into late 2017. Investigators are reportedly digging up things in every direction to explore out. I hear Freeze goes into shock when pressed on the subject or should I say freezes up. That is surely due to him viewing those NCAA investigative results as his end of days in the college coaching profession.