Saw the mock draft last night

Had Gafford as the #17 pick to the Bucks I think. I don’t think he’s ready for the NBA, but wouldn’t be surprised, if this holds up, that he goes after this year.

i saw the same thing on sportscenter last night. that was higher than i expected, although he has as much potential as anyone in the country. his shear athleticism makes him an elite prospect, a center with the agility of a guard. i’m guessing if his shot was more refined, he’d likely be a top 5 pick. with all the seniors leaving and the real possibility of Gafford leaving, next year could be iffy, depending on how ready the large freshman class is ready to contribute.

He is certainly not ready for the NBA so, if he goes, the first year he rides the bench. However, he will certainly play the second year and may start and definitely will be a starter by the third year.

Since he would be a much higher draft pick, likely he will make as much or more money by staying another year, but young basketball players are not future orientated. So a couple million now is worth as much as twice that next year. Regardless, I am sure he has good advice from people he trust, but I will not be surprised if he goes nor if he stays another year.

I believe it will be a huge mistake for this young kid to go into the NBA draft at the end of his freshman season.
He is no where near physically mature enough to play effectively at that level and he could certainly benefit from a couple of more years at the college level to refine and improve his game which in the end would probably be best for him financially in the long run. OMG, some will say what if gets hurt?
That can happen to anyone at anytime?
Just look at Portis, its taken him several seasons to even become relevant on an NBA court and no where near being a Star and probably never will be.
The NBA G-League is full of young players that left their top tier NCAA programs with 10-20,000 seat arenas full of adoring fans cheering them on and now they are play for the sand snakes, dragons or some other obscure team with 200 fans in a community center with absolutely no fan fare and no promise that their skills ever get to the point where they are wanted by an NBA team. All the while they did not get an education either.
If he were to stay at Arkansas for a couple of more years, stay healthy, his stock will rise considerably along with the fortunes of our program and that would be best for both. If he does go after this year, we will have no true post player and that would not be in the teams best interest.

I wish the NBA, would act on this whole one and done situation because its hurting college basketball. The age requirement placed at 18 on or prior to the NBA draft or if don’t meet that requirement and you decide to go to college your age requirement would then move to 20 before you would be eligible for the NBA Draft.


I think he has been physically humbled enough to know that he is not ready.

Regardless he continues to improve; with strength training and lots of practice, by the start of next season, he may be NBA ready.