Saturday is a guaranteed loss against Tennessee

Arkansas looked asleep for most of the game, finally woke up to start the 2nd half tonight. If they cover the 3 like they did tonight against #23 Bowden, and the rest of that team that shoots the 3 really well, Arkansas loses by 9-15 pts. I don’t think Arkansas can beat them anyway, the way Williams rebounds. Saturday they will have to play for 40 mins, because Tennessee will, they’re ranked for a reason. BWA hasn’t been a home court advantage either, they were owned by Florida last yr in the opener, and a cpl weeks later by Miss St.

I disagree with you! Our hogs are capable of beating anyone in the country. They just came back from a 8 day break and this time up was good for them.
The Vol’s don’t take care of the ball and they are not as deep on the bench. They will depend on the 3 and they better make them.
It’s sure not a guaranteed loss!

I agree. This is no guaranteed loss. The Hogs can play with the Vols.

That prediction is a classic example of “fake news”. This team will cover the spread against UT. This team has the talent and the depth to grind down all but a truly elite team. This will game will be competitive until the second half. Then the Hogs will take control for a good win over another quality opponent.

This is not a team to hate on. Enjoy a season with a legitimate Sweet Sixteen team to root for. Coach Anderson has the Hogs back to being a respected team that no one wants to play. There are not top 5 good yet, but enjoy the ride. I am so glad that Basketball is fun again and I have a feeling that we will be a consistent winner.WPS.

i think Saturday’s game will be close but i believe hogs pull it out. this is not last year’s team, this team plays with more edge, a chip on their shoulder because of the leaders on this team. last year our leaders seemed to lack fire. also, we are lots deeper this year with more quality athletes. we have 10 legit guys who look and play the part. waves of athletes in the 6’3’’ to 6’7’’ range. Tennessee isnt deep and our athleticism should give Williams some trouble. granted he is a great player, but he struggles with length. your right that the 3 point shot will be key, we shoot it better but they shoot it more so should cancel each other out unless they’re on fire. i just have feeling that our seniors are out to prove something. excited to see what should be great game, and hopeful hogs pull it out, WPS.

Can the Hogs avoid “ticky tack” fouls throughout and match the Vols physicality on the interior could be the difference as they are #2 in the SEC in Offensive Rebounding. We get to the free throw line quite more often than the Vols so getting them in foul trouble and us making our free throws at slightly higher rate than our average could make this a “guaranteed” loss for the Vols IMO. They share the ball pretty well but we have the guards and athletes w length who can switch and play tough perimeter defense. The Hogs love to run but blocking out and rebounding just enough to neutralize their main team strength (offensive rebounding) is extra plus ++ to guaranteeing victory over a Top 25 team we should be pretty capable of matching up with, as we are still rounding into form of last year’s NCAA tournament team that almost beat natl champ Carolina. WPS!

I had to remind my Dad Wednesday during the game as he was complaining about the size of our lead. “Dad, you’re bitching about a 14 point lead. Stop complaining and enjoy this while it lasts.”
This isn’t 1994 but this is the best team we have had in a long time.
So I recommend that all Hog Fans enjoy the FASTEST 40 instead of guaranteeing losses.

Well it looks like jb1 was right. CMA just can’t coach against a good defense. His run and gun gets killed every time. Need some energy in the second half.

Yep, same old story. Our system doesn’t stand up against a quality team.

You guys are pretty sad. Will it ever be good enough??? WPS

Hey jb1:

I’m not buying any guarantees from this guy! WPS!!!


I don’t mind eating crow, I’m good with that, I hope I do a lot more, because it worked… If we had went in there with the big heads you guys were carrying around, we would have lost very easily…

I wasn’t carrying a big head. Tennessee is ranked for a reason. They’re a darn good team. I’m quite happy with a 2-point win, especially with how we played for about 33 minutes (down nine with less than 7 minutes to play).

Well well well guaranteed huh?! WPS!!

When your opponent has 5 players to foul out, you had better win. This was more of TN losing than Hogs winning. Even when they got up 11 in OT, they still almost blew it. I’m glad they won but it is not one to brag about, just be thankful.

NO TENNER didn’t LOSE it we came back and BEAT them.

This was a great win against a very good UT team. They were much better early, but the senior guards refused to lose. Gafford was badly outplayed early, but he adjusred to more experienced Vols. His play made it possible for the guards to take control of the game.

The second unit did not play well at all. The physical game combined with the speed and skill of UT made them look bad. They must improve for us to be a real top flite team. I expect them to play better next game. Their play will determine just how good we are.

All in all, this was a great college basketball game. Bud Walton was rocking and the Hogs pulled out a great win. WPS