Sampson - WTH?

Why are we even looking at a dude like this? I know he was at Houston for awhile but that was a long time ago. Last time he coached was with the Phoenix Suns and they sucked swamp water at the time. There is no reason whatsoever to hire someone just because they’re 7’4". He looks like an escapee from a Sudanese refugee camp. This will be a big mistake if You’reaczech hires him. Big big mistake. Shaking my head over this. What’s wrong with these people in Fayetteville?

Either you are really misinformed or this is a bad April Fool’s joke. Ralph Sampson doesn’t coach anybody and we’re not trying to hire him.

It was an AF joke. Mud likes to do that, even when it’s not April Fool’s

Mudville, you don’t have a clue! We are getting George Sampson… the young up-and-comer with the killer comb-over and the fancy moves!

I was gonna mess with you and say we should steal the GT HC, then I saw who it was. No, just no :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

EXACTLY!!! I don’t (and didn’t) want him at GT either!

Hey, you can’t teach 7’4". And I saw him at the UVA game this weekend. He has watched one of the best in the business coach, at least once. He could be the guy!

Umm, Jeff that post is from Mud. He is legendary.

BTW, it’s good to see you post, Mud! I’ve missed you.

Thanks Marty. i had to think hard what to post on my favorite day of the year.

Anyway, I already know we’re hiring Casey Alexander right after the NIT is over. :sunglasses:

Looks like a young Gene Keady

Basketball’s over, - and baseball is here

But FALL is my favorite time of the year

I’m not badmouthing the sport of your preference

But FOOTBALL season’s my high point of reference

Whoever turns out to be the new basketball head coach hire, I fervently hope that he proves to be an “eager beaver go-getter” and an infectious overachiever, - - and not simply an old warhorse coasting along on the laurels of a reputation built many years ago.

If we’re starting from SCRATCH- (and we ARE) - - - then we may as well seek someone who is not only fundamentally sound, - - but someone who will get in there and scratch tooth and nail for every every tool, for every premium blue chip caliber recruit for every advantageous combination factor and for every possible LEGAL pathway leading to the pinnacle of success. Someone who is committed to working nine days per week EVERY WEEK, - - - and for whom the term “good enough” does not exist in their vocabulary.

I am shocked that it’s Tuesday and we still haven’t made a hire. Thought HY def has someone locked up when he fired Mike, maybe not


I don’t know a darned thing about how the “coaching search” process is playing out; - - but I suspect that the top tier choice candidates have likely declined the job - one after another, - - and that the lesser known and less highly favored available candidates are now being considered - - - - as the searchers descend lower and lower into the barrel of potential candidates. Logic would seem to dictate that as being the only viable reason why the “coaching search” committee is still unable to proclaim a new basketball coach.

Are we destined to eventually be obliged to extend an offer to 28-year-old Silas Snodgrass, - - who has just concluded the second season of his coaching “career” at Ozark Technical Institute? :?:

But would probably coach more like Gene Kelly! :slight_smile:

Would Sampson be bringing Delilah with him? - - - - That might make the hire more “attractive”. :sunglasses:

obviously slow bob has hacked muds acct.

I miss slow bob, is he still on the old site?


I haven’t noted his presence there. I check in there about twice weekly.