Sam Pittman's Contract

The ((bottom line)) is he finished 3rd in the toughest conference in college football, and easily the toughest division in college football. He played Alabama, A&M, LSU, extremely well, really the best any Arkansas coach has since Bobby Petrino, and before that Houston Nutt.

But to me, I look at the guy, and I see a guy that can coach this game at a high level. He knows how to coach this game. Arkansas who hasn’t been overly impressive with their coaching hires the last decade or so, made a smart hire here, because the guy can coach.

He finished 3rd in the SEC, so he needs to be paid the 3rd best…IMHO…

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You and I are like thinkers. You get what you pay for! Chad sure worked out.Lol

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Sure. Give him $9 million/year and he forfeits $500,000 for each game he loses from 5-8 and $1 million for each loss for loss 9 and 10.

Remember the Belemia fiasco. Pittman’s overall record is 11-11. Does he deserve some kind of raise for this season, certainly. Do he deserve the contract he got, to me, is very questionable.

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