What a pathetic showing…very sad

No defense what so ever

The last staff recruited poorly

An 0-2 Colorado State team is making us look like rookies. Can’t wait for SEC West teams.

Tie game in the 4th quarter, that is so weak

What a train wreck, total disappointment

What a bunch of losers

New level of embarrassment, what a sad state of affairs

They lost to an 0-2 team who allowed 66 pats last two games. Recruiting by previous staff did not lose this game; poor calls by staff. Coaches of this team are responsible.

Blow an 18 point lead…rookies

Arkansas State will have a better record than us this year, and actually, they could probably beat us.

I would have titled this string as decisions. Why punt on 4th and one when you are averaging 6.5 yards per rush? Why try to throw the ball late in the game when they can’t stop the run? These decisions helped bring this about, not the effort of the players.

I said in the off-season that this trip to Fort Collins was no gimme, after how bad Colorado State started the season I thought perhaps we could win this game even with a roster that is not ready to play Chad Morris style of football, but quite frankly we would have lost to both Hawaii and Colorado if we had played them as well as the Rams did.
Unfortunately, the Hogs just don’t have a QB or wideouts that can get any separation with any consistency. It shouldn’t be long until we see some underclassmen start to get significant playing time at QB, because neither Story or Kelley have what it takes to do the job in this offense.
What’s bad is losses like this hurts recruiting efforts because Arkansas isn’t supposed to lose to teams like Colorado State any time Home or away.
I thought if we could win this game we would have a ceiling of 6 wins, but after losing this one I don’t see how the Hogs can win more than 4 ( North Texas, Tulsa and possibly Vanderbilt, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on beating Vanderbilt.
I understand that Coach Morris wants to play his style, but tonight all the offense had to do was run the football and we would’ve won the game because they couldn’t stop the run. Anyhow, that’s history now and the coaches have to figure out their personnel on the roster that can play hard, smart and consistently moving forward not only for the rest of this season, but for the future.
I still believe Coach Morris will be a good hire, but it’s going to take a couple more good recruiting classes in order to put the type of players on the field that fit his system.
I’m not giving Coach Morris a complete pass on the game because he should’ve went for it on 4th and less than one at midfield late in the fourth quarter because we had controlled the line of scrimmage all game and it could’ve taken the momentum away from the Rams at that point, wrong decision.
The QB situation is a mess, Storey couldn’t do anything today and took some punishment. Kelley made a couple of good throws, but his lack of mobility outside of the pocket will be a huge problem against good defensive teams that will apply pressure on him for exactly that reason. Hate to throw either of the freshmen to the wolves, so it’s quite a delima.

Go Hogs!

Well, at least we made about 20,000 people in Colorado real happy

It’s quite ironic, my wife and I met this couple from Fort Collins a couple of days ago while on vacation in Iceland on a tour at Gullfoss Waterfall, by the way one of the best trips ever.
I told this guy that my Hogs were just bad enough that we could probably provide his Rams their first victory of their season all the while not really believing that it would actually happen as I was just trying to be nice at the time.

Oh, by the way if you’ve ever thought of visiting Iceland I highly recommend it, we saw some of the most beautiful places in nature you can imagine.
Unbelievable Waterfalls, Black Sand Beach and Caves featured in “Game of Thrones”. On Wednesday, went on a whale watching tour and saw about a half dozen whales and countless white beaked dolphins and puffins. Then that same night went on a Northern Lights tour and got to see them in all their glory!

Go Hogs, better season ahead!