Rush Limbaugh is talking about "Greater"

He is very moved and impressed. Sounds like quite an endorsement from someone broadcasting from South Florida.

The movie is getting a lot of attention from conservative radio hosts. I was supposed to be on Laura Ingraham’s show last Friday to talk about it, but got bumped at the last second. I was also asked if I had any interest in talking about the movie on Sean Hannity’s show, but was never invited. The movie has a message that plays well with many of their listeners.

Our American Stories is another conservative radio network that did an hour on the movie. I was on there and so was Brian Reindl and some others who were part of the film. … 160826.mp3

He spent the opening segment and then some contrasting Brandon against Colin K. He also said the guest host tomorrow is going to be promoting the movie by having an interview with the lead actor.

I refuse to listen to political radio shows, but since you narrowed it to conservative radio shows, it begs the question. Why is this grabbing the attention of conservative radio hosts and not liberal radio hosts? I know political radio is mostly conservative, but there are still one or two liberal shows.

I would have to think others are talking about the movie. Regardless of political affiliation, the movie should get some play from all sides.

I’m just glad Rush is paying a lot of attention to it. His audience is huge, in the tens of millions. It would be interesting to follow if the film makes it to additional states because of this.

Exactly what I was thinking before I read Matt’s post. Movie should appeal to everyone. Just a great story.

Aside from the “football” angle, the movie would play well to fundamentalist, conservative Christians. That, in a nutshell, defines the majority of Rush Limbaugh’s followers. All Razorback fans, Arkansans, SEC fans, most college football fans, etc., will love the movie regardless of political or religious affiliations.

Well it’s good pub if Rush is putting it out on the radio waves with his stamp of approval.
Other than that, Mr Limbaugh is one of those I don’t care to listen to.

Matt is to Laura Ingraham, what Matt Damon is to Jimmy Kimmel. :slight_smile:

I don’t care for is self absorbed crap either. He has a massive audience so that helps the movie get free PR as you said. The thing I like is that he will help more conservative and faith based radio and TV shows notice it as well. I see this being another one of the big movies for Church Youth Groups and FCA. The football angle is a given but the FCA draw will be a long term play.

I heard Rush’s praising the movie yesterday. Went to see it in Odessa, Tx. Not a dry eye in the theater. The heard Neal Mc Donough on his program today. He said it was the best movie he has ever been in. Talked about how great the people of Arkansas are.

Did he remind you to buy gold?

Greater is getting a lot publicity and doing much better than I expected.

saw it last night in nearly full theatre in southwest florida…
agree with above

much better than i thought was going to be

truly a wonderful movie

you would have to be pretty cold to not appreciate it . real good stuff.

Is the movie starting to pick up additional theaters from those that carried it the first week? Not hardly anyone on the East Coast showing the movie, so until they do we are out of luck…

I think Greater will become a staple of motivational tools for sports teams which is a no brainer. The other big draw will be Church youth groups, FCA, Younglife, etc that are Christian based groups. This is going to be a movie that lives beyond the theater distribution time and is heavily rented and shown in groups for many years down the road.