Running Clock?

Does anyone know if the NCAA has ever had a running clock during obvious blowout games?
I know I’ve been to High School games when it was done and it was in the best interest of all involved.

Go Hogs!

When I umpire Little League in FL, there’s a 15 run rule before the 3rd inning, at this rate in CFB, they may have to install 40 pt rule before the 2nd QRTR.
Certainly LSU is going to come close to that, they have a great QB…

I mean the recruiting isn’t great in Arkansas, but there’s enough talent from Little Rock- South, to at least be competitive in the SEC. And you can recruit Offensive Lineman from Little Rock -North…Steal a few players from Memphis, Texas, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and there ya go…

Throw in the towel! This is only time JSJ got into a game this year. So I’m glad they played the second half.
Savanna called off the dogs or it could have been a lot worse!