Run or pass?

With a new QB this year. Pretty new O line. Plenty of capable weapons to throw to. Nice stable of RB’s. Which will be see more of this year?
Never seen AA play. I’d like to see him be like his brother in his senior year and be smart with the ball. Throw it away. I think he’s gonna make some mistakes trying to squeeze it in where it ain’t.
I hope we lean heavy on the run. Oh, and another thing. I think TCU rolls us because we won’t be able to keep up with their pace.

I don’t think that we know enough yet about the Oline. We don’t know how well a 2nd TE is going to develop.

We have seen AA play against Ole Miss for a half and in the spring game. He is capable of distributing the ball and he is very good on roll outs.

EARLY - We may pass a lot with 3 WR’s and use AA’s ability to roll out to negate any Green issues on the line. LATER - TE’s and RB’s will be seasoned enough to be utilized more.

We could lose to TCU, but I’m not ready to concede that yet. They aren’t at their best, and we have too many questions. Most notable in my mind are our LB/secondary, and O-Line. I’m not worried about AA. I know he hasn’t thrown a lot, but I am comfortable with what I have seen. He has also been in Enos’ system for 2 years, so I expect him to play smart. I think we are capable at RB, and have the best group of receivers I can remember. Can we come up with the right combination at O-line that will allow our run game to succeed, and provide time to execute the pass?

It appears we are starting to have some shake-ups on the D-line, perhaps at DE, and our LB’s are still an unknown commodity. All could be great, all could be mediocre. I hear our secondary will be improved, but it would be difficult not to be. How much is the question.

I guess I’m just ready to see them start popping pads with someone other than themselves. We will know very little until then.

Punt. :shock:

We will do what the defenses dictate, Enos has shown he can exploit them, even the good ones.
It will be the 2nd game for both us and TCU, both teams have ?'s. Advantage them at home. Does that mean they roll us? Not necessarily.

I think we will know more about how to judge the TCU game after we see the D in action against LaTech. I’m not so worried about the offense as I am the D. We should practice for TCU by running the one’s and two’s offense in quick succession and build their staminia. HOGS YA’LL.