Rohu leaf and Sling TV

I have cut the cable and love the savings (about $75 a month). The leaf gives you local HD channels for local news and locally televised games. Sling gives you multiple packages for SEC Network, ESPN, etc. Sling costs me about $26 a month for all the sports channels that give me access to College Football.

But can you record programs/games for later viewing? I would be much more likely to turn off the satellite if I could record.

Sling does not give you the ability to record shows, but Playstation Vue does. You can get all the sports channels there for about $30-35.

Do have to pay double if you have two TV’s, triple for three, etc.? It is just my wife and me but there are many times where we watch different shows at the same time. Then there is a third TV in a guest room where we would like them to have access to normal TV viewing.

I don’t have Vue; just did a free trial while trying to figure out if I wanted to drop cable. But I’m pretty sure it allows you to access the same account from multiple devices simultaneously.

The info on Vue says up to 5 streams, so if you have multiple TV’s with multiple Roku or PS3/4 you should be able to have multiple streams. Of course this is subject to your bandwidth on your Internet connection.

We dropped sat service about 2 months ago & switched to Sling + over the air. We catch 14 channels over the air for $0.0/month. Sling is working out great for my sports including SEC network. I do miss the ability to record. I bought a separate tuner for over the air and can record 2 games at a time if they are on a major network.

I agree that recording is an issue and the only thing I miss.

So, if you have a playstation at each TV you can stream different programs IF you have the band width to handle it?

This is an area of weakness right now in that there are various ways to stream content but very little info about each one and comparison info. I may have missed some report but I didn’t find one.

What tuner did you buy and is it the device that records?

I just bought a 4k UHD TV and found that I am going to have to upgrade my Roku to Roku 4

I don’t know how many TVs on which you can stream, but the rest sounds correct. You must have a somewhat high internet speed. We have the third out of four tiers with Cox and it typically streams uninterrupted.