Robb Smith ended it in a classy way..

My guess is Bielema wanted to move to a 3-4, probably so Arkansas would have a better chance at being able to run the ball on offense in the 4th QRTR, and that’s not what Robb Smith coaches, so he stepped aside in a dignified way. Which is much better than how I stepped aside from Enterprise the other day… LOL…Their company that does their physical told me because my neck is large, that the DOT now say I may have sleep apnea. I emailed their human resource person in Orlando like 12 times, and no response, telling her their was an issue, called 3 times telling them their was an issue, no response. So I told them to take their job and shove it, if that was any indication as to what kind of company they were, I didn’t want to work for em anyway… Probably not so dignified, I admit. But if you have been driving everyday since 1986, and have never had a ticket or accident, and some one tells you something stupid like that, and the person doesn’t even care enough to respond, most people probably would also.

I hate to hear that Jeff. But, I am absolutely sure you will rebound and find a more suitable employer in no time at all. Best of luck! As for the Coach Smith situation, I totally agree. I think it is a class act the way CBB and CRS handled his departure. It is the exact same scenario that took place with Coach Chaney.

Hang in there Jeff. Yes, there are better companies out there. Totally agree on the coaching situation.

So a health care provider gave you information from a screening test (neck circumference is a risk factor for sleep apnea) and you decided to quit working for the company that employed them as a result? Rather than being tested and possibly have an intervention that could prevent complications from undiagnosed sleep apnea?

It’s supposedly a new requirement by the DOT, but I couldn’t find anything about it online, so knowing these people, I seriously doubt it. LOL… Supposedly you have to ONLY get approved by their people they send you too, which seemed strange also, because their people have the worst reputations in this entire area… But as previously stated, I contacted them several times by email over several days, no response, called and left 3 messages over several days, no response, and being that several people applied, and no response at all by their Human Resources Supervisor, it was pretty clear there was no job, or they moved on… I just went to another clinic, and they passed me, turned in my DOT physical Card for my CDL to the state, and that was that…

Appreciate it!!!

Right, but your neck circumference didn’t magically shrink and it’s probably reasonable to be seen by a doctor for further screening

I was seen by a Doctor, my Doctor who has seen me regularly for over 10 yrs, and he signed a form saying they were completely nuts, which they wouldn’t take. But as stated, no biggie, I just went to a normal person, they gave me the DOT card for two yrs, end of story…! Just some idiot bigot over there playing games, likely for bigotry and money, nuttin new, seen that every day since I was literally in my crib…LOL…

CBB never has fired anyone… he just tells them to get a new job. Ridiculous that it was not announced he was fired… And a terrible hire on CBB’s part if a guy who has been coaching for 20 years can figure out how to coach a 3-4 defense. That is like hiring a basketball coach that can only coach man defense and not a zone. What? after 20 years in the game he can figure out how to coach a 3-4 defense? That just stumps him? Is there any position that CBB can take charge of?

And did I read you right?? Please explain how us playing a 3-4 defense is going to help us run the ball in the 4th quarter on offense?? What?? That is some pure football genius. You sure if was the giant neck that cost you the job? But really tell me how us playing a different defense is going to help the offense run the ball better in the 4th quarter???