Rob Smith to WF????

I see it is being reported that Rob Smith is going to Wake Forest. Is there any basis for this report? Could this be the start of changes most Hog fans would like to see? The report mentioned his replacement as Rhoads, would that be an improvement? I think the Hogs need some new “blood”!!!

Mattingly said it’s not true. I don’t care if he gets a job as long as he’s fired. If Rhoads is hired as DC it might mean Bielema doesn’t have any other willing candidates.

Smith ain’t our problem.

I’ve seen it said that CBB doesn’t like to fire coaches outright, opting to suggest they go in a new direction. We could be seeing that happening here. Don’t worry too much about a new DC…with all the NFL churn i’m sure we’ll have some decent options.

You serious Clark?

sure why not? could be wishful thinking but hope we make a good move. really need improvement on D for sure

He can leave now. However, it doesn’t matter what coach or scheme you have if you don’t have SEC caliber talent and we only have 4 or 5 on either side of the ball.
The Hogs are now the “Rice Owls”.of the old SWC, a cupcake on the SEC contenders schedule. Thanks to Frank Broyles we will never be relevant again in a conference that we can’t recruit well enough to compete for titles.

Houston Nutt teams won the SEC West three times. What does Frank Broyles have to do with it? Your blaming Broyles for the Missouri and VA Tech implosions?

can we stop throwing that stat out there please? most of you are better (or smarter) than that. we won the west during the Shula years at Bama. it is NOWHERE near an apples to apples comparison. I would respect the thought more that Shula should be on the greatest coaches list for other SEC west teams other than bama lol

The point was in reference to the post that Arkansas is not relevant in the SEC because of Frank Broyles leaving the SWC. History shows that Arkansas has been relevant in the SEC winning the West three times. Certainly it can be concluded that Arkansas is currently falling behind from the lack of recruiting, coaching, or a combination, but to say that Arkansas can’t compete goes against what history as shown to be true. It is time to catch up. Hard work can beat talent. It’s not time to move to Conference USA, it just time to get back what it takes to win the SEC.

In your opinion what is?

Wake Forest must be in dire straits. This defense was horrendous this yr. Obviously you don’t have to be very bright to figure out, it’s not likely he’s going anywhere. Now the OC, there’s a commodity, he did a great job, especially considering the position the defense left him in continually. I would not mind it though, an overhaul on Defense is a good thing.