Richard Davenport/Pig Trail Show

I was watching the Pig Trail Show on KNWA last night and heard that Richard Davenport would no longer be giving his weekly recruiting report. What is behind this decision?

They’re wanting to have someone do recruiting and keep the traffic on their site. I obviously can’t do that.

No hard feelings.

Thanks for the explanation Richard. I always anticipated your part of the show.

Mr. Davenport,

Will your work only appear in print media (ADG) or will be somewhere on radio or TV too?

I will not channel surf when I know your report is going to come up after a commercial. I will watch the commercial - just wanted to let marketing people understand that you will be missed.

Thanks for the kind words.

Thank you.

My work will be in the ADG and on wholehogsports. I still have my radio show that airs every Thursday night and I’m on weekly with JB in Fayetteville, Morning Rush and Game On with Wess Moore.

Exploring other options for TV.

Looks like Otis Kirk is replacing you on Pig Trail.

Yep. Didn’t want to say. Let them announce it.