Return of the Jack Crowe era

This 4 1/2 year tenure certainly feels like the Jack Crowe era revisited!
We have a Coach that has no idea how to build a winning program at The University of Arkansas.
Since Frank Broyles took over the program in the late 1950’s we’ve had many different coaches and all but a few were able to put together a winning team at some point during their tenure.
The only coaches to truly struggle have been Bielema, Crowe and Ford and even Ford was able to win the SEC West one season.
Everyone else has at least figured out what type of players to recruit in order to compete in either the SWC or the SEC in a respectable manner.
Thus far, Coach Bielema has not figured it out and I don’t see that changing soon.

Time to move on or more bad results to come.

Crowe took over a program that won 10, 9, 9, 10 and 10 and then went 3-8, 6-6 and 0-1.

It is time to end this experiment with CBB. Time to end this trying to win with 3-stars while everyone else recruits 4’s and 5’s. Please don’t tell me Arkansas can’t find at least a few 4’s and 5’s. That is just a cheap excuse for lazy recruiting. Arkansas needs more team speed to compete in the West. There are coaches out there that understand that. We CAN get a quality coach who can get the right recruits. We just need to do a better job finding one that is the right fit and open the check book. If we can find tens of millions of dollars for new athletic building projects, we can find the money for a good coach.


I don’t think anyone would actually count the John L Sullivan year, I certainly don’t.
That was a lame duck season.
The Sophmore and Freshman classes from the 2010 and 2011 teams where part of the 10 and 11 win seasons.

Actually, the best teams that Bielema has produced thus far still had players recruited by Petrino. What we are fielding now is completely of his making and wholly recruited by him and his coaches.

So, how many years do you feel is an adequate number to gage the potential success or failure of a HC at The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville?
Would you say 6, 8 or maybe 10 years?
I believe if you were to take a poll the vast majority of Razorback Fans will tell you that they have seen enough and are ready to turn the page before more long lasting damage can be done to a once proud and competitive culture.

I agree.

He’s had his chance. If he had shown progress to this point I’d be willing to wait another year. We have regressed since year 3. Really sad to see. He will go down as one of the worst Razorback coaching hires, although he looked great on paper. I like the guy, wish t would’ve worked, but I’ve been skeptical about his actual coaching ability all along.

I really do feel bad for you guy’s. Even though I don’t live in Arkansas anymore, I just can’t stand to see Your FootBall Program going in the Sewer.

I’ve read many of Your Post’s, and it seem’s to be coming from the Athletic Director Downward.

In the SEC it’s Dog Eat Dog, Just Good Ole Hard Nosed Football.

Maybe the Best thing is to start Boycotting the FootBall Game’s, until the Athletic Director and the HeadCoach get the Message.

As I see it, in the SEC there is No Halfway Effort’s, it’s All or Nothing. Remember when Troy Beat LSU a few week’s ago. They were threatening to Fire the Coach, and they made some serious adjustment’s Quickly. That’s the way it has to be in the SEC, or You’ll find yourself Dead Last, which is where you are now in the West.

Something has got to give to get your FootBall Program back to where it should be from Year’s Ago. I just hate to see you guy’s getting Battered Week after Week.