The Hogs open this upcoming football season on August 30th with Florida A&M. I’m not privy to a current, objective assessment of Florida A&M’s relative strength and overall competitive caliber expert assessment and prognostication particulars, - - - but it is my understanding that they are a better-than-decent football program prospect for realizing a distinguished quality of performance with a potentially high-level success-rate achievement record compilation during this upcoming season.

Should we happen to drop the ball in this initial match-up right out of the starting gate, - - - ON NATIONAL TELEVISION - - - - - and then proceed to fart and fall against TCU and Texas A&M in continued, consecutive dissolution, - - - ON NATIONAL TELEVISION - - - - - - - - - we will then be 0-3, - - - and instead of a personal letter of encouragement, our illustrious Head Honcho MIGHT invite the issuance of a “pink slip” from administration hierarchy “big dogs” to HIS locker door.

I’m not needlessly nitpicking, or attempting to “borrow trouble”. I’m simply stating a perspective which - I strongly believe - is shared by a great many Hog fans who are extremely agitated by the manner in which last season ended upon a succession of sour notes which befouled the Football Season Concert.

I’m not ragging on Bielema. I’m not ragging on the team. I’m merely stating a major concern in regard to the non productive manner in which Hog fortunes have progressed over the course of the last couple of seasons.

Nevertheless, - - - - WOO! - - - PIG!!! - - - - - - - - SOOIE!!!

Thursday, August 31, but I’m not nit-picking. Ha!

Well, whaddayouknow

I hit a typo

May that not be so

For two posts in a row

That seems to be my curse these days

My middle finger twitches

But it doesn’t seem to faze

Most redneck sons of ********

Don’r get a “wedgie”, y’all; - - - - I’m just indulging in a bit of comedic-relief-valve trash talking.

Thanks for pointing out my error, SoArkHog. I would sincerely regret having been the inadvertent catalyst behind the resultant regretful eventuality wherein devoted Hogs fans should happen to be crestfallen over missing the game due to having been misinformed about the correct date of the first scheduled game. Such a happenstance would irk me no end. I appreciate your sharpness of perception. Please consider yourself my official editor from this time forward.

I don’t see a 0-3 start to the season however I didn’t see us losing to Toledo. Every season I look at the schedule and put each game into one of three catagories: Win…Loss…Toss-up. I usually believe depending on injury and luck we will go 50% on the Toss-ups.

Here is my 2017 prediction.

Florida A&M. Win
TCU. Toss Up
Texas A&M Loss
New Mexico State. Win
South Carolina Toss Up
Alabama. Loss
Auburn Loss
Ole Miss. Win
Coastal Carolina. Win
LSU. Loss
Mississippi State. Toss Up
Missouri. Win

That is 5 Wins, 4 Losses and 3 Toss Ups

So my prediction is somewhere between 6-6 and 7-5, we could conceivably win all three Toss Ups and go 8-4. I honestly believe we beat Texas A&M however will not call that game until Bielema beats Sumlin.

I’m usually pretty dead on, last year I had us at 8 wins regular season (was wrong on Missouri)

We are not going to lose to Fla A&M. It won’t be close unless we make an incredibly high number of mistakes. TCU & A&M are different matters, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep about this first game against a lower division opponent even if they are a “pretty good” lower division team. They’re not Toledo & that loss required us to have two TD’s called back for penalties. We gave that game away & Toledo spent some time in the top 25 that season.

I was joking with you. Know all too well how easy it is to make a typo. But actually, I had seen the 30th in another post and it made me look twice. I just enjoy the board and wanted to nit-pick with you and play on your words.

TCU scares me. They have most of their explosive offense back, including that kick returner. They are going to test our new defense right off the bat. If we win that game, it may mean good things ahead.

Yes. TCU game is critical. If we lose that, it’s hard to see us winning very many SEC games.

Last season we shook off the issue of the CBB years of getting beat early in the season to lesser teams. If we can start this season of winning four out of five as we did last season I think we should be happy especially with all the questions about how this team will perform, myself if I get to choose which one to lose between TCU or A&M I’ll choose TCU for many reasons, but like all fans I’d rather start 5-0. Any loss in the first five games that are not to TCU or A&M will be devastating to our moral and confidence of the team and fan base. Hopefully we can get through these preseason practices without any major injuries such as in the previous years. Let’s go Hogs ! WPS

I’m gonna nit pick you. 5 wins, 4 losses, and 3 toss ups. But you said 6-6 is your low end. Wouldn’t that mean one of your toss ups is actually a win?

Coming off a 7-6 season record barely counts as a “winning” record. But at least CBB isn’t in Freeze and Ole Miss’s position; - - - that’s a “no-win” situation.

SoArkHog, I’m old, but I still have rather broad shoulders, - - along with a fairly broad mind. I can take a ribbing with aplomb and a keen appreciation for incisive wit. Don’t hesitate to skewer me when opportunity presents itself.

Are you purposefully being obtuse or is your reading comprehension woefully deficient? I normally believe we go 50% on toss-ups. Since this year I see 3 toss ups (an odd number) and thus think we will probably either win 1 of the three or 2 thus 6-6 or 7-5 regular season. I guess I should have gone with 6.5 wins…yeah there ya go.

TCU in Fayetteville may be a win for the Hogs this year; but elephants and coaches have long memories, and Gary Patterson was none too happy about it. Granted, some say the Frogs are a middle-of-the-road team in the Big-12. However, I think you can throw every prediction out of the 3rd floor window; containing Kenny Hill breakouts will always be key to shutting down teams like TCU. Hill is not that good of a quarterback. I think he is an arrogant sob. But in every loss last year, we often looked like casper milquetoast, unable to contain quarterbacks taking off on designed plays. In fact, I recall us looking really contrived on defense when we would almost forecast our linebackers would be covering tight ends and across the middle with no one honoring the QB. Even lower level opponents like Missouri and VaTech ate our lunch because we refused to adjust. Will leave it open for comments on this and other adjustments the 3-4 might offer our defense. But in my burned butt opinion, having the leverage to shut down “happy feet” QBs like Hill could be the difference between a 10-3 and a 7-6 season. What’s yours?